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Hot Garbage Fiscal Report 2016

I would like to make public the holdings of Hot Garbage LTD and the location of said assets for review. Current liquid wealth is held in two locations: The Cider House (primary residence of the party) and the vault at Armsby Abbey

The Cider House



The primary common area to the Cider House has been transformed into a study/meeting room, with trophies from past adventures preserved by Porkins. The room is lavishly furnished with dark hardwood paneling and fine chairs, with a large bearskin rug and several stuffed game animals.  On display currently in the study are:

Giant Minotaur battle axe (wall mounted)

Gold encrusted skull

A serving set featuring a small skull and 4 goblets (200gp)

Silver and Turquoise crown

Armor stand with Spidertounge’s banded mail, one eyed helm and morningstar

Loya Gurga’s Iron trident (wall mounted)

A large gold plate (wall mounted)

Volleyball sized semi precious rock, which has been given a silver display stand

Javelin of Lizard man Chieftain (wall mounted)

Evil wizards demon mask (wall mounted)

Mummified medusa head (in bell jar with pyrite stones covering eyes)

Golden eye token (glass case)

Bloomery map (framed)

Maps from the Armory (framed)

Map from The Count (framed)

Beautifully crafted wooden mug/stein (on mantelpiece)

Pepperbox pistol

Dagger pistol

Dragon pistol (all pistols in glass display case with 15 black powder vials)

Silver dragon flask (50gp)

Silver chalice and plate

Platinum snuff box (150 gp)

Crystal Shield (wall mounted)

Gold tiles found in sarcophagus (arranged on wall in decorative pattern)

Pallmoor medal (glass display case)

Silver Candelabra (on mantelpiece)


The Vault at Armsby Abbey

The party uses the vault to store important documents and other items. They are housed in a large, ornate teak chest acquired in an earlier adventure. In the chest are:

Treasure map

Deed to the Cider House

Documentation of 5% mining rights in Steelhart

Documentation for the Argyle

Note of debt from Lallkin the Merchant (for saving his daughter, Greena)

“Crazy” recipe instructions (taken from the Counts alchemy lab)

4 vials of phase spider blood

2 vials of basilisk blood