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The Gate & The Escape

The Escape

Following the collapse of the hobgoblin tunnel at the Southeastern wall of Tyn City, Radcliffe slowly comes to grips with the news that his friends have apparently been killed in a tunnel collapse. The Engineer explains that his friends are most likely dead given that Porkins had a teleportation ring and did not return to the surface. Radcliffe agrees to help the Duke Regent by interviewing the Lady Ashwind to see what she wants to talk to him about.

The Duke Regent and his aide Garek strike a deal with Ashwind that she be allowed to talk to Radcliffe provded Lady Livinia Hillibrand be present in the room.

In the room, Ashwind explains that she trusts the party because she saw how they fought the trolls and respects their courage and honor. She believes she was sent here as a ruse and that by being held captive the Regent is playing into Baron Rotli’s plan.

The Lady explains that her father, Lord of Ashwind Vale in Verma, leads a coalition of Vermese landowners that are pushing for peace with the north.  Eventually the Baron agreed to send Ashwind north to Parlay, but by holding her here the Regent has guaranteed that her father would be offended and continue to fight Tyn.

The lady poses that the best course is for Radcliffe to get her out of prison and onto a boat, and offers to give him information that could save Tyn. She offers an initial piece of information- that Vermese forces in Est Harbor had plans of the Tyn City sewage system.

Radcliffe later meets with Garek, the Engineer, and Livinia and offers a plan to “pretend” to let Ashwind out to get further information. Garek thinks the whole thing is a trick and forbids it, giving the guards explicit orders to deal only with him. After Garek leaves, Livinia and the Engineer agree with Radcliffe and agree to go along with his plan. the Engineer leads Radcliffe to the Royal Stables where Cinnamon is being kept.

That night, Radcliffe, Livinia, and Cinnamon break Ashwind free from the apartments and secret her away on a carriage, but cross paths with the captain of the royal guard who seems to be drunk with a young woman. As they hide from his view, they witness the woman attach the captain and take his keys. Ashwind recognizes the woman as her handmaiden Hazel, who has unknown fighting powers. Radcliffe and Livinia fight Hazel who quickly escapes in the night.

After questioning the guards, Radcliffe decides to redirect their escape by the Royal Baths (unknown to Ashwind). There, they encounter Hazel, who has taken out the guards at the entrace to the aqueduct and opened the gates to the cistern. Out poor a series of troops disguised as Royal Guards. The party rides to the main gate alerting the real Royal Guards along the way, and has another encounter with Hazel. Ashwind causes her considerable damage and Hazel escapes over the wall of Royal Hill. While Livinia proceeds to spread the warning throughout the castle. In the choas of the battle, Radcliffe gets Ashwind to the main harbor and allows her to board a boat for passage to Est Harbor. Before leaving, she passes her final piece of information:

“The Ice Barbarians Are Coming”


The Gate

Under the collapsed tunnel, Porkins, Clinton, Pat and Hillibrand explore the ancient hall. The ancient hall has stone warriors arranged in a pattern, and twin archways north. The left chamber features 3′ clay jars masoned into the wall, with gold plaques bearing strange enscriptions. This room continues to a strange cold tunnel leading into a room with standing water and a squat stone structure which Porkins wisely avoids. The right chamber contains stairs leading straight up to the north wall. Footprints are noticed on a cieling of the left chamber.

The party is stymied for a while and determines that the stone soldiers are part of the puzzle, but randomly moving them triggers various traps. Eventually the party determines that the passage north is blocked by a wall which is actually similar to a giant vertical millstone. Clinton solves the mathematical puzzle of the soldiers and the millstone spins into position, allowing travel through the right room staircase.

The next room is a long dark hallway which tall statues of soldiers. Beyong that, an intermittant flashing light is seen. The party is attacked by rat swarms and a wererat, whom Hillibrand manages to tackle before it can run off. The party manages to knock out the wererat and leaves it tied up, proceeding to the flashing room.

This room is a huge cylindrical chamber with a 10′ walkway through the middle leading to a 10′ archway that leads nowhere. Under the walkway is an inky black nothingness. A stairway winds it’s way around the outer edge of the cylindar to the cieling 50′ above, where soldiers are marching up into an exit passageway. The archway is guarded by none other than sir Schlecht and a strange robed man in a painted demon mask. The party attempts to parlay with Schlecht but it quickly becomes apparent that he is not one to talk.

As the party watches, the gateway flashes and two guards, whom Hillibrand recognizes as wearing the purple dress and bronze shields of the Royal Tyn Guard, enter the room and proceed up the stairway with the others.

The party engages Schlecht and as more guards enter the gate, he directs them to attack the party. The numbers turn against the party as Schlecht, the demon mask wizard, and greater numbers of royal guard imposters join the battle. However, Clinton is able to summon deadly crocodiles on the platform which tactially block the enemies from effectively engaging while dealing grevious blows to the guards and Schlecht. The wearrat eventually comes around and attacks the party from behing on the platform but is then knocked off. Schlecht eventually pushes Porkins off the platform but he saves himself with judicious planning of the teleportation ring. Eventually Schlecht is brought down by a heat metal to his armor, and the wizard escapes up the stairway. The party manages to incapacitate the guards as a Gate Key is identified in the gate. The party removes the crystal gate key and the teleportation gate is disabled.

After stopping to search the enemies and rest, the party proceeds up the staircase and finds the passageway exit leads to a room where there has been recent tunneling, which appears to lead to the cities sewage system. The party follows the sewage system which has been mined in another area to connect to the city aqueduct. The aqueduct mainline is followed up to the source at Royal Hill, where it exits at the pump house. There, the party witnesses the completion of a massive battle in the city as the imposter royal guards battle real royal guards and royal heros and eventually put down what becomes known as the “Bronzie Rebellion”, but not before heavy casualties are earned.