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Adventure log: Control the Center

It has been nine days since the party has arrived at Armsby Abbey from Steelheart on horses given to them by the townspeople after having saved the town from the Wendigo. Clinton and Golden Boy have been in the infirmary of the Abbey the entire time, having contracted Wendigo Fever from Rostran and Lycanthropy from his wife, respectively.

The clerics of the Abbey believe they have cured Clinton and Golden Boy, but the new head of the Abbey, Mother Morena (who replaced Father Jannus), has ordered that they remain under observation until after the next full moon. Indeed, they continue to run a fever and sleep most of the day.

On the first day of their arrival, a note arrived from Maximillian, wizard of Lakewood, saying that he would be returning to Lakewood shortly, having done all he can to help Pallmoor Gates recover for the time being, and will help search for Porkins, if he is still alive. He promises to follow up with a second message in a few days when he returns to Lakewood, but the note has not arrived.

Meanwhile, after Mother Morena confronts Pat and suggests he hand over the spear, and orders him not to leave the Abbey, the young cleric Sister Kristan points out that a second note had arrived for the party and was directed straight to Mother Morena’s chamber. She also has witnessed the nurses adding something to Clinton and Golden-Boy’s rosewater to keep them sleepy and induce fever.

Radcliffe and Pat concoct a plan, first retrieving the note from Morena’s office, which is indeed from Maximillian, who is ready to help search for Porkins. They then manage to extricate their friends from the infirmary, with the help of the Abbey guard Toko (who does not appear to be a fan of the new leadership). The party escapes the Abbey at night heading to Lakewood.

Halfway between the Abbey and Lakewood, by the light of a nearly full moon, the party is attacked by 3 flying werebats. The party fends them off as they shout to each other about how they were tricked by the man who hired them. Two of the werebats manage to escape just as a devilish bearded creature and an imp materializes from the woods to also attack the wounded party (Clinton notes a humanoid figure with a black staff in the fog behind it). The party defeats the creature, with the Silver Spear landing a killing blow. The figure in the fog gone, the party proceeds to Lakewood.

At Lakewood, they bribe their way into the curfewed city and proceed to Maximillian’s tower, where a Tengu named Rook greets them and takes them to the wizard who has been expecting them. The wizard uses a crystal ball and access to the party’s memories of Porkins to locate him and claims that he can teleport to Porkins.

Just then, figured start to materialize into Max’s tower. Mother Morena, looking less frail, orders her henchmen (including otherworldly Hound Archons and the paladin Kyle the Unkillable) to retrieve the silver spear and return it to the Abbey. A battle ensues and Max is distracted by a blink dog, then blocked off from the party by Mother Morena’s stone shape spell. Kyle the Unkillable grapples Pat while a Hound Archon goes for the spear. Max manages to break from the stone cell and hold the Hound Archon long enough for Clinton to retrieve the spear.Ā Outgunned by the attack, the party forms around Max just as Radcliffe is knocked unconscious, and Max teleports the party away before the spear can be stolen from them.

On a remote island, the Party’s eyes adjust and they find themselves standing in terraced gardens under a stone city, surrounded by dark skinned humans with weapons ready. A brown-skinned woman who rides a giant cat asks them if they know someone named Porkins.