Chapter 33: Iced Urf

In the halls of the Ufetsae dwarves, the party is warned that foreign soldiers have been spotted recently in the Nameless Peaks, near Starfell Mountain.

The party proceeds to Starfell Mountain where they find an iced cave containing the remains of a sailing ship frozen in ice. There, they find a message carved from a surviving dwarf that tracked the Ivory Cudgel to a nearby spire before his party was killed. Below the tale is a map carved into the stone.

There is little else of value in the cave, but a banner atop the main mast which is frozen in ice and seems to absorb or cancel out magical auras, a few featureless marker stones, an ivory scrollcase, and a normal but old helmet with an unknown glyph on the front.  ‘G’

The party proceeds to the Spire of the Ice Wizard, skirting an area marked as shelter, anticipating encounters with competing forces. Clinton scouts as a bird and sees apparently frozen soldiers on an icy hill. The party proceeds on a three day treck. On the third day they near the Frozen Forest.

Before reaching the forest at the base of the spire, a blizzard closes in, and the party is attacked by frozen undead, led by the Obsidian-Scythe-Wielding Thraxus. The party fights off the undead waves and Thraxus flees after a brief skirmish.

The weather clears a bit as the party continues through the forest, where a frosty visage of the Ice Wizard appears and animates trees to attack the party, warning that they should not have come. The party fights past the trees into a hidden pass into the spire, and climbs towards the summit.

Outside, at the summit, the party is accosted by the Ice Wizard’s guardians- frizen ice golems and owlbears. By this time, the party deduces that the Ice Wizard is an ancient druid named Griniak, former possessor of the Ivory Cudgel and contemporary of Finn Maglann of the Silver Spear.

The party continues to look for the cudgel on the summit while Griniak engages and resists attempts to parley, insisting that, while is is reluctant to kill the party, that their death is the only way to ensure that the cudgel does not leave his protection.

Finally, after defeating his guardians and the dealing massive damage to the Druid, Clinton manages to retrieve the Ivory Cudgel from a shelter where it is embedded, and Griniak turns into dusk, floating away.

However, shortly after the staff is retrieved, an earthquakes shakes the spire, and the summit of ice collapses, revealing a White Dragon that was sleeping or trapped beneath. The dragon attacks the weakened party, while Thraxus re-emerges and harasses the group as well. Meanwhile, a ‘second sun’ is visible from the south.

A pitched battle unfolds where the party desparately battles the ice-breathing dragon while Thraxus also attacks. A weakened Radcliffe manages to dispatch Thraxus to another dimension with a prismatic spray, but shortly later is killed by the dragon’s breath. However, the dragon itself is weakened by this point, and Porkins manages to land killing blows.

As the ‘second sun’ gets closer, it is revealed to be the Golden Shield, wielded by Lavinia who is riding a Griffon owned by Aron the Awesome. The Duchess explains that the shield revealed its ability to track the Obsidian Scythe, and she could sense it was moving in the very mountains where the party was exploring. Too late to save Radcliffe from the dragon, Aron is at least able to retrieve more help to revive him, while the rest of the party examines the Dragon’s lair to search for treasure.


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