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Backstory: Porkins

UPDATE: Months of ceaseless adventuring has changed young Porter, immeasurably. Gone is the affable, brash young deputy from the Vineyard, untouched by war. In its place is a hardened and rough young solider jaded by the ideas of honor and valor and increasingly fond of using whatever means necessary to win a battle. For every tale his Uncle once told around the hearth at Shankweed Hall, Porkins heard another version from Styles Greenapple, his uncle’s adventuring partner, that wove a decidedly less colorful yarn. In the long months that followed his first adventure, Porkins has sadly realized that the path to success for halfling in pitched battle relies on stealth, cunning, and ruthlessness. Styles had been right all along….


Porkins appearance reflects this change in demeanor. Gone are the curly reddish locks; Porkins alternates between a shaved head or heavily slicked back hair, as best not to snag in battle. His dress has become both darker and more flamboyant, and he is bedecked with all manner of gold and  jewelry, almost daring curious thieves to rob him. Gaudy and foreboding, Porkins more resembles a shady underworld lieutenant than the once affable young scion of a prosperous Vineyard family.



Porter “Porkins” Shankweed is a young adult halfling from Zella’s Vineyard, east of Lakewood. He is stout and well built for a halfling, ruddy in complexion with reddish blonde curly hair and two great muttonchops. He is quick with a laugh and well versed in the indulgences of food, pipe and drink. He is also the favorite nephew of Coolridge Copperpot, adventurer and former Sheriff of The Vineyard, and has been trained extensively by him in the art of fencing. Indeed, he is widely regarded as the best young swordsman in the province.

Coolridge made a name for himself years ago as one of the only surviving members of the halfling militia at the Battle of Alta Toon, and then with Kelmem Kirg’s “Bad Company” adventuring group. He later retired to Zella’s and was quickly made Sheriff. He performed his role admirably for years, but the slow pace of the Vineyard life left him longing for a return to the outside world, and two years ago, after being approached by two former members of his adventuring party, he left the vineyard for “one last job”. He has not been heard from since.

Porter grew up on the knee of his uncle and, like all Vineyard children, was enthralled by his uncle’s tales of daring do. As a young child, Coolridge took note of his nephew’s inherent toughness and strapping stature, and seeing potential, began to instruct him personally in the warrior arts. In time, Porter became an accomplished swordsman and was made deputy at the age of 20. It was apparent to all that Porter would be the heir apparent to succeed his uncle as sheriff, who was to retire shortly upon his return to the Vineyard. But in the interim, Coolridge’s brother and 1st Deputy, Cole, was named acting Sheriff.

In the two years since his disappearence, Collridge’s younger brother Cole has settled in comfortably into his role as Sheriff. Lazy, fat and self indulgant, Cole has proven to be a largely ineffectual lawman. But this hasn’t stopped this strutting peacock of a halfling from throwing his weight around the Vineyard. Feared by many and hated by all, Cole nearly lost his grip on sheriffhood during a raid by hobgoblins last fall. Porter, however, saved his uncle’s life and led the rag-tag group of deputies in repelling the raiding band. But even though they proved successful, Cole was able to have the blame settled on Porter’s “greeness” and Porter found himself banned from the militia for a year until he can “prove himself”. In the interim, Porter has been helping with his father’s teamster business, guarding deliveries between Zella’s Vineyard, Est Harbour, and Lakewood.

On the latest run to Lakewood, after delivering casks of wine to the Black Pudding Inn, word arrived about the Baron’s surprise invasion of the area. Porkin’s dad doesn’t want to bring the ponies back on the road until things settle down, which leave’s Porkins with some time to kill and perhaps some adventure to look for….