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The Assault on Armsby Abbey: Epilogue

The Assault on Armsby Abbey: Epilogue

The next morning, the sun rises over a field of crows, pecking at the goblinoid bodies that surround the walls of the Abbey. The moans of injured men and women echo through the main hall of the abbey as those faithful that were able to pray for healing power over night tend to the wounded. Of the sixty followers at the abbey the day before, thirty nine remain alive.

After ensuring the surviving relics are secure, seeing that the body of Brahnim the minotaur is destroyed, and retrieving Pat’s chain mail from the depths of the Spring of Souls, Father Jannus retires to his chambers for a few hours before appearing at the hall at daybreak. He gathers a small contingent of men for a foray to Lakewood to assess the damange there- from the Abbey tower, Blackie can see that the city still stands, but smoke rises from several buildings near the north wall of that city.
As Jannus passes our heroes, he stops briefly: “As I said yesterday, your assistance in our time of need will not go unrepaid. There will be a reward. In addition, any time you need sanctuary, any of you may consider this Abbey your home. And if there are any valuables you need to store, you may have use of my personal vaults.
On the way to Lakewood, the first signs of destruction noted are the shanties of Fishtown. Fat Nelly’s, and other buildings having been burnt to the ground. The western gates, still intact are open as villagers assist soldiers in gathering the bodies of humanoids and stacking them on fires outside of town. Jannus walks purposefully down the main street past Fort Stonedennus to the Chapel of Roses, at the town square. A crowd as gathered outside in prayer.
Proceeding inside the chapel, the air is silent as bodies of humans: guards, soldiers, and villagers, are placed along the floor. Jannus proceeds to the alter, where one corpulant body in particular lay under white silk.
A man in Red Armor, newly pocked with arrows and dents, approaches Jannus.
“He’s dead. They smashed the front gates. He held them off as best he could. They had a giant.”
Jannus lifts the sheets. The body of Basil’s leg is severed.
Renton: “Crushed by a boulder thrown by the giant.”
Jannus: “He is a brave soul. He is important to our cause.”
Renton: “Well then, I’m glad to see that you were able to keep your treasures safe, instead of being here to help him.”
Jannus lifts an eyebrow, as he removes his steel white skullcap:
“As well you should be. The enemy nearly managed to define the Spring. If they did, we would not be able to provide those potions you depend upon, among other things. Now please leave me.”
Jannus begins chanting and withdrawns a fist-sized diamond from his cloak. Placing the diamond on Basil’s heart, his chants grow lounder. A white light is seen from the gem. Those standing nearby swear they see it shimmer and reflect like water, then dissappear in a flash.
Basil opens his eyes, just a slit. Blinking, he gasps:
“The town….is it…safe?”
Renton steps forward: “It is safe. The north gate is destroyed, but we routed the enemy. Also, a spellcaster broke into Stonedennus and charmed a guard. Our high value prisoners escaped, including Goodwin.”
Jannus: “Enough! He rejoins the world of the living, and you burden him with your troubles??”
Renton looks at Jannus, bites his lip, and storms out of the church.
The second battle of Lakewood is over.