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Backstory: Finneran “Four Fingers”

Finneran Four Fingers is a two-bit petty criminal, lacking in both manners and hygiene. He comes from Tyn’s seedy underworld, where he gained a reputation for being a talented break-in man and possessing of a prodigious gambling habit. It was the former that landed him in Tyn’s infamous stockade, but it was the latter that had two thugs waiting for him outside those same stockade gates when he was released.

You see, Ol’ Finn owed alot of money to Blagg the Bookie, the feared bear-baiting and underground gambling empresario. And those boys waiting for him wanted to take Blagg’s frustrations out on his knees and elbows. But the quick thinking Finn made up a line about a job he lined up in the clink that could pay Blagg double and he couldn’t rightly do it if he couldn’t walk, so the boys gave him 20 days and let him go with a punch in the gut. Finn went straight to his Grandmam’s, grabbed what he could carry, and skipped town.

Finn wandered from township to township, stealing from foodcarts for his supper and sleeping under bridges, keeping a low profile from both the local constables and unsavory looking characters along the road. Occasionally, he would run a scam or pick a pocket for a little extra, only to lose it at his first oppritunity to play dice. Despite his better judgement, he knew he couldn’t make a big score unless he was in a bigger city, and the nearest city is Lakewood….

Four Finger Finn is a scrawny, unsavory fellow, sallow and unkempt. His thinning, black greasy hair is slicked back to reveal a prominant widow’s peak, and his face is graced by a thin patchy beard. His wide smile is flawed by greyish teeth. Finn does indeed have four fingers on each hand, though he has never disclosed how this came to be, and it does not appear to impare his considerable manuel dexterity. Finn may be a low life of the first order, but he has an air of hard luck around him and often times those that know him feel more pity then anything for his station in life.

Since arriving at Lakewood, Finn has been a regular at the bar of the Black Pudding Inn, where he has been seen associating with fellow low life and known thief Raspal. Raspal has confided that, if it looks like the Baron is going to make a move on the city, he knows a hideout of of town where he wants to lay low. Last night, after getting drunker than usual, Raspal even floated the idea of making contact with the Baron’s men and offering to help sabotage defense of the town. If Lakewood must fall, better to be on the winning side.