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The Hammer of the Gods

In Tyn, at the council meeting discussing the aftermath of the gate incident and the Bronzie Rebellion, Lady Hillibrand takes the brunt of the blame for the release of Lady Ashwind. The Duke Regent is operating under the assumption that Ashwind’s warning that Ice Barbarians are coming is a ruse to draw the Tyn fleet away from Est Harbor so that Verma can resupply the town and retake Lakewood. The Duke Regent plans to send the Valiant Defenders to northwood to look for any signs of Ice Barbarian activity along the coast, while sending The Distinguished Gentlemen even further north to Sneemark in an attempt to parlay with the Ice Barbarian king.

After the meeting, Captain Stenwick, who was rescued by the party from the girl monk, presents the party with cards giving them access to an Inn known as The Adventurer’s Club, providing them with free room and board as guests of the Duke. The party is asked to wait at the club, near the harbor, until after dinner.

That evening, The Valiant Defenders meet the party at the Club. Their leader, a paladin named Sir Kyle the Unkillable, contronts Pat and demands to let him buy the Silver Spear. When Pat refuse, Kyle becomes agitated and leaves the club.

Next, the Engineer and Captain Stenwick arrive with a plan. They have convinced the Regent to allow the party to search Mount Ire, near the entrance of the Fjord leading to Tyn, for a fabled seige engine known as the Hammer of the Gods. This is said to have been commissioned by King Pentagarn 300 years ago to defend the city from attack by sea. However, legend has it that the King turned on the dwarves that built the siege engine, to prevent anyone from learning it’s secrets. Shortly thereafter, the dwarves and elves allied against the Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Tyn fractured into four Duchys.

However, the engineer is convinced that the device exists, and tells of his predecessor, a gnome named Fritzel, that hired a party to find the device at the start of the war. He hires the party to attempt to find the engine.

The party meets with Fritzel, a now mad gnome that talks of voices and ghosts atop the mountain, but provides details on artifacts that they found on the summit. When night fell, his party was attacked. He was only able to escape by running down the mountain at night. Fritzel would never return and soon quit his job as engineer.

The Engineer provides the party with Hear Rings, magical earrings that allow them to communicate with the Engineer at Tyn. The party leaves with a fast catboat, The Argyle, which is heading to the mouth of the Fjord at the Fort Thunder lighthouse. In the dead of night, the captain reaches the lighthouse, with its beacon still shining.

The party has trouble getting the attention of the fort. Eventually, it is discovered that Ice Barbarians have taken over the light as an advanced ambush, and that they have a mass of ships just hours behind.

After rescuing the surviving guards, the party continues up the mountain in the early hours. They stop by the village of Plyte, a home of outcasts, thieves, and deserters. The villagers are not friendly but finally a man called Breen, hard of hearing and missing an eye, agrees to take the party to the summit.

Hiking up the path, the party requests Breen take them by an abandoned mine on the map. Breen, conferring with another man on the path, asserts that there is a Hill Giant that has taken up residence near the mine, and refuses to take the detour, urging the party to proceed up the mountain.

The party breaks off towards the mine, and sure enough spots a hostile hill giant. Through the use of luck and tactics, the party is able to defeat the giant at great cost to their resources, and gain access to the mine, but find nothing save a dead kobold in the back corner, with a magical sling.

Proceeding up the mountain, where the trees thin to bare pines, the party reaches a lwindy edge where there are two bodies tied to dead trees overlooking a cliff. One of the bodies appears nearly eaten alive, while the other, a young girl, is bloody and missing an eye. Breen re-appears, shouting to the air “They count as four!!”. Radcliffe shoots breen who falls to his death, as two harpies start a song. Clinton falls prey to the harpy’s song, walking towards them and off the cliff, where he falls and hurts himself badly. After a fierce battle with the two harpies, one of them is killed, and the other starts singing, almost entrancing the entire party, but Clinton breaks free from the song and manages to dispatch with that harpy as he shape shifts into an eagle.

Freeing the girl, Grina, the party is told that she ran away from home with her lover, who were tricked by the villagers of Breen and offered to the Harpys in exchange for leaving Plyte alone for two months.

The party proceeds up the mountain, past the tree line, scrabbling to the top. Clinton, in eagle form, spots an Ice Barbarian fleet approaching and a strange unnatural ledge near four pylons at the cliff facing the sea.

At the summit, strange voices are heard, and the party spots a dwarf-shaped being near the peaks. The party finds a disk and 3 4′ stone pylons that fit into the disk. They line the disks up to the 4 sisters at the ledge of the cliff, but are missing a pylon. The party searches the area and starts to disturb stone cairns that seem to contain the bones of dwarves. When the sun passes behind the peaks, shadows and wights emerge from the cairns and attack. At the same time, Pat battles a halfling dressed as a dwarf, who seems to be possessed. The party defeats the undead as Cinnamon is grievously wounded by a wight and drained twice. Pat smites evil on the halfling, causing the possessing ghost to detach and look for another host. Radcliffe is able to disperse the ghost with his shocking wand.

It is discovered that the halfling is Coolridge Copperpot, Porters uncle and an adventuring halfling who was possessed by a dwarven spirit when his party escorted Fritzel to the top over a year ago. Coolridge remembers that the spirit that possessed him wants one thing more then defending the cairns: returning the dwarven bodies to their homeland.

Finding the fourth pylon, the party is able to gain entrance to a tunnel system which they determine to be part of the siege engine itself. The find a control room and determine how to active the weapon, shooting giant projectiles into the channel below, sinking ice barbarian ships. However, a wood golem defense unit is activated and attacks the party. Radcliffe has a plan and tells porking to lure the golem into the firing path of the device, and launches the golem into the sea.

After firing several rounds, the Ice Barbarians are routed from the channel in dissarray. Before night falls, the party takes one of the pylons and escorts the badly wounded Grina, Coolridge, and Cinnamon down the mountain to Fort Thunder.