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BC = Before Collapse of Empire

AE = After Empire

20000 BC

Elven texts describe how, in days long past, the world was populated with demon men that rode dragons and orcs that rode devil-lizards, that elves had dark skin and lived under ground, and that powerful sea gods ruled by controlling the minds of their minions.

No evidence of this remains.

1200 BC

The old city of Tyror is founded on the location of what would become Tyn. Legends say that the spot was chosen as it was a location of a city once held by an even older civilization.

420-320 BC

Surviving documents, such as ancient poems by the elven bard Lorilo, describe how the Wizard King Palimorin solidifies his control over the Eastern Reach with his Lightning Army, which can seemingly reach any part of the realm almost instantly. Palimorin is said to have ruled for over 100 years.


The dwarves of the Iron Hills construct the Bloomery, and iron fortress/production site that acts as a hub for their trade in metals to humans.

20 BC

King Palimorin’s descendant, the Cursed King Aligard, ascends the throne. Suspicious of everyone, he slowly begins a campaign of enslavement against his own people to rule them with fear and power.

7 BC

Dwarves begin construction of the Hammer of the Gods.

2 BC

After treachery against the dwarves at Mt Ire, the dwarves of the Iron Hills ally with the Elves of Brennivin to help topple the Mad King.


The Cataclysm, a massive series of magical attacks and summoned dragons and demons wreak havoc on the lands. A war of attrition that sees the destruction of The Empire of the Eastern Reach and the collapse of many once rich cities. The war ends with the death of the Cursed King.

2 AE

In the chaos surrounding the collapse of civilization, a coalition of orcs and Giants form an army under an Ice Giant king which takes advantage of the power vacuum, leading to a war of human survival. Stories say the hero Finn Macglann fights many key battles in defense of man, including a final battle with the Ice Giant Jarl where both are killed.

11 AE

The collapsed Empire of Palimorin reforms into five Duchies following the death of the Cursed King. The Free Duchies sign a pact that none shall declare himself King or Empire of the Eastern Reach.

105 AE:

For their assistance repelling a major Ice Barbarian attack on the coast, Good Duke Rolind signs the Treaty of Alta Toon, declaring Zella’s Vineyard a halfling homeland in perpetuity.

255 AE: 

The village of Lakewood is incorporated. It becomes an important lumber town and eventually a trading center where the major races congregate.

333 AE:

Civil War erupts in The Duchy of Obeaj when one half of the Obeyeran family adopts new gods and plots to overthrow the other.

335 AE

Following the final battle of the Obeaj civil war, a cataclysmic earthquake strikes Obeaj. The capital city is swallowed by a giant sinkhole. The winning family begins to rebuild the city inside the walls of the crater, naming it Verminopoli.

450 AE:

The Umbridge family takes control of the Straddlefort.

475 AE:

The wizard Bemfirr defeats the Three Hags of Hag Hook and saves Zella’s Vineyard from their wrath.

540 AE:

The Fen-Way Accords are signed, in which Lakewood and the druid’s that represent the woods around the city agree upon where men may hunt and fell lumber.

556 AE

The villages of Icewind Peak north of the Shearwall Mountains describe a strange comet-like object that falls from the sky into the icy mountain peaks.

559 AE

The Bard known as The Traveller publishes the Nine Pieces of Iron cycle, an epic poem that becomes especially popular with young children of the Duchies.

573 AE

The Rottli family ascends to power in the Duchy of Obeaj, renaming it the Barony of Verma. He establishes a triumvirate council of the Three Sects: The Pain Priests, or Verminetics, the Fell Druids, and the Necromancers.

611 AE

A plot is uncovered by a sect of mages to form a new Empire in the name of the old Palimorin line. Battles ensue across the duchies. Suspicion of spellcasters reach a fever pitch, sending many of them underground as wizards are hung and magical items destroyed in what becomes known as the Purge Arcana.

627 AE

Baron Rottli declares war against the Duchy of Tyn in the first Vermese War.

628 AE

The Battle of Alta Toon, in which a town near Zella’s Vineyard is destroyed when a Vermese Army lands ashore nearby.

Sir Ulrich kills the necromancer leading the Baron’s armies at the Battle of Grey Wood’s End, ending the first Vermese War, but dies in the process.

629 AE:

Father Jannus has Deacon Brody hide the Silver Spear at Inish Bora.

638 AE:

Sea Orc Raiders stage daring raids along the Coast of Gold just north of Pallmoor Gates.

650 AE:

Stiles Greenapple, a halfling member of the Bad Company searches for something at Inish Bora.

Coolridge Copperpot joins the Bad Company on one last mission to Mt. Ire, replacing Stiles, who has gone missing.

652 AE

Spring:  Redriver is sacked by it’s own ruler, Baron Rottli. Rottli blames Tyn and declares war against the Duchy in the Second Vermese War.

Pallmoor Gates falls in a bloody battle to the Vermese.


Est Harbour falls to Vermese occupyers.

The Exodus ok Lakewood, in which the army and able bodied men leave the city to be taken by Vermese.


The Silver Spear is found at Inish Bora

The Honeycomb Siege is fought.


The Siege of Armsby Abbey

Lakewood liberated.

653 AR

Spring: Loya Jurga Killed

Fall: Ice Barbarian attack thwarted.

Winter: Est Harbour sacked / liberated.

654 AE (Spring)

The forces of Tyn take the Straddlefort.