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Aldo Novas


Aldo Novas is an eccentric wizard living in a townhouse in Malagra, whom the party stayed with, and who offered to teleport the party back to their homeland, before realizing that the Golden Shield was a dimensional anchor.

The party sold Aldo Novas a strange but seemingly non-magical figurine recovered from Benfirr the Binder’s desert dungeon, only to discover later that the figure apparently contained the Red Fang.

Later, when Hot Garbage called upon Coolridge Copperpot to go to Malagra to retrieve the Red Fang from Aldo Novas, Coolridge and his friends discovered the wizard was kidnapped by the Cult of Tiamat. That party managed to track down the cult and rescue the wizard.

Al Hazared (Deceased)

alhazared Little is known about the man referred to as The Mad Wizard Al Hazared, other than what has been intimated by his brother’s widow. According to Dinarzade, Al Hazared was a skilled wizard and the brother of the Emir of the confederated cities of Zish, and acted as the administrator of the pirate navy of those lands. At some point, Al Hazared found a tome of forbidden magic in his studies, and became obsessed with the power of an ancient race of gods that once ruled the planet. He soon killed his brother and consolidated power over the Emirates of Zish, embarking on a campaign of bloody raids on coastal cities, and taking Dinarzade prisoner. At some point Dinarzade escaped, and has been pursued by the Mad Wizard since. Al Hazarad tracked the party to the desert temple south of Malagra, where he ambushed them, but was killed in the ensuing battle.

Aron the Awesome


Aron is a powerful wizard stationed in the capital of Tyn and a member of the Distinguished Gentlemen, attached to the Duke’s royal court. Aron particpated in the defense of the city during the Siege of Tyn, and travelled to the Ice Barbarian lands to look for proof of an Ice Barbarian attack after the warning from Lady Ashwind, while the party searched for the Hammer of the Gods.


Lady Ashwind


Lady Ashwind is a minor Vermese noblewoman (and apparent Pain Priestess) from Ashwind Vale. The party first encountered Lady Ashwind at Est Harbour, where they escorted her on a peace mission to Tyn. The peace mission turned out to be a ruse to access a magical gate under the city, but this may have been unknown to the Lady. Radcliffe, along with Lavinia Hillibrand, helped the Lady escape in exchange for information about an Ice Barbarian attack on Tyn. The party then received a message from Est Harbour, where the lady asked the party to help broker the peaceful handover of the town, which failed. Lady Ashwind dissappeared during the Battle of Est Harbour.

Ashwind is an attractive woman in her 30s with short red hair, prone to wearing form fitting gowns. Her face is covered with tiny scars which from a distance make her look a little older than her actual age, which may be a side effect of her abilities as a Pain Priestess.



Balthazar was a wealthy merchant who grew rich via the caravan routes between the cities of Sidron and Malagra. He met the party at the Bait Masri Oasis while they fled Al Hazared in Sidron on return home. Balthazar gave them a map to a temple in the desert that he believed contained great treasures, if the party would give him a cut when they made it to Malagra. The “trasures” that the temple contained turned out to be dangerous items, including a Clay Golem with strange runes and a Dybbuk box. When the party returned to Malagra they found Inspector Iago at Balthazar’s house, where his wife was murdered in Tabor Tooms fashion. Balthazar was committed to the Asylum under the care of Dr. Poth. After the party discovered the true purpose of the asylum and killed Poth, Balthazar was recovered from the Asylum safely (but in an unstable mental state). According to Poth’s notes, Balthazar was used as a pawn to deliver the map to a party capable of destroying the protections of the temple unwillingly.


Lord Basil
Lord Basil, Protector of Lakewood, Knight Commander of Tyn is a nobleman commands the forces that are responsible for protecting the city of Lakewood. Basil is a veteran of the War of the Dukes from 25 years ago, where as a young knight his valiant deeds helped to ensure the freedom of Tyn.

Basil had since become a very fat and his hair is pure white. He has the bushiest eyebrows anyone has ever seen and a white sideburns that fail to disguise his jowls. Still, he has a commanding presence and nobody doubts his bravery or skill with his bastard sword.

When the party chose to defend the Armsby Abbey over Lakewood, Lord Basil was killed in battle by a giant. Jannus raised him from the dead, but Basil’s leg was lost, and he has since because a bitter, gaunt version of himself.




Bendron is a young man who claims to be part of a resistance force at Pallmoor Gates. Bendron and a team of four others attempted to escape the captured city, but only Bendron made it alive to Lakewood. Basil and Jannus claim he has been vetted for trustworthiness. Bendron accompanied the party to the Straddlefort as diplomats, where he was secretly tasked with finding a way to get an assault force from Lakewood. The Master of Arms at the Straddlefort shot him with a pistol in the head before the party could stop him. After the party defeated Count Umbridge, Jannus arrives at the Straddlefort and raises Bendron, who has important knowledge to help the party get into Pallmoor Gates, but he right eye is still missing from where he was shot.


Blackie Becker

Blackie Becker is the Blacksmith working at Armsby Abbey who manned the light Ballista on the eastern wall during the Siege of Amsby Abbey. Becker was an advisor to Father Pat as he grew up at the Abbey, and helped teach him some blacksmithing skills. Blackie has since helped Pat set up the Cider House.





Blotto was a thug that participated in an attack on the party at the Rose and Crown and was captured, eventually agreeing to escort the party through the city and leading them to a hiding spot called The Thirsty Crow. Blotto was last seen at the destruction of Est Harbour.


Captain Bonnie and the Grudge

bonnieBonnie grew up in an orphanage in Est Harbour not knowing her parents or the origin of the tattoos covering her body. At fourteen, she dressed as a boy and was able to get passage onto a merchant ship as a deckhand. When that ship was subsequently attacked by sea-orc raiders, Bonnie found herself afloat on a skiff with the only other survivor- an adolescent half-orc from the attacking ship who referred to himself as Groj- while the two ships burned to the water line. Salvaging what they could, the two new companions made it back to civilization and started a new career as smugglers, operating for the most part out of Peckton, away from human law. The two adopted a sibling-like symbiosis- Bonnie taught “The Grudge” the common tongue and helps him navigate civilized life, while the Grudge makes anyone that would harm Bonnie think twice with his intimidating countenance.

Now about 30 years old, Bonnie captains her small “fishing” vessel, the Sloop Jombi. Her first mate, whom she nicknamed the Grudge, is a heavily muscled half-orc with a shaved head and two gold hoop earrings. Captain Bonnie is no fan of The Baron or the invasion, but her allegiance lies solely with herself and she is concerned only with profit, hoping to maintain the independence of her ship and first mate until the war is over.

When the party traveled to Zella’s Vineyard after hearing about a force of hobgoblins that were approaching, they discovered that the Red Tusk hobgoblins were looking for Captain Bonnie to bring to the hag, Loya Jurga. It was discovered that Bonnie’s body was covered with tattoos of strange origin, that somehow act as a spell that keep Loya Jurga’s sisters imprisoned in the rocks of Hag Hook. The party killed Loya Jurga and Bonnie left to look for a cure for her curse, after giving the party a treasure map as a reward.

Years later, the party ran into the pair again; this time in Malagra, where Bonnie had was tracking the source of her curse to Benfirr’s desert dungeon. Bonnie noticed her tattoos dissppeared at the same time that the party killed the clay golem in that dungeon. Bonnie and the Grudge escorted the party back to Tyn when the Rogue Wave struck during the Dominion invasion, apparently severely damaging the Sloop Jombi in the process, though the pair seemed to survive by riding up the face of the wave.

Most recently, Captain Bonnie and the Grudge, having racked up a debt to fix the Sloop Jombi, joined up with Coolridge Copperpot and Cotton Cornpiper to adventure to Malagra to retrieve the Red Fang.

“Fat” Bobin

Bobin is a fat greasy dwarf with a heart of gold. He was last seen with the party in the Bloomery, where he manned the Steam Cannon to fend off attacking hobgoblins. Bobin and his trusty axe, Screamer, are always ready to take on the enemy.


Borden (presumed deceased)
The ranger named Borden, if he exists, is a hermit living in the forests deep to the west of Tyn. Rumor has it that this ranger served with Lord Basil in the last great war, patrolling the wild frontier, though nobody has seen him in years. His role in the upcoming events are uncertain, but those close of Lord Basil have heard his name mentioned more than once.

Borden participated in several early adventures, helping to establish Lakewood forces in the Honeycomb. He delayed hobgoblin forces in the woods south of the Honeycomb, helping the party get there with the captured Sargent Goodwin. Orik claims to have seen him killed by hobgobin forces.

Captain Breen


Captain Breen is the pilot of the Argyle, a catboat that was loaned to the party to travel to Mr. Ire, and awarded to the party after they activated the Hammer of the Gods. Breen was paid a year’s salary in advance to stay on as captain of the ship. It was last seen anchored in Tyn Harbour.



Pronounced “Bree-da”, Brida is a young female Ranger that often works with Orik and has encountered the party on several occasions. She is very plain looking with oranish-red hair and is often seen with a small bird companion.


Deacon Brodie (presumed deceased)

Deacon Brodie is a priest of Armsby Abbey, just north of Lakewood and the seat of local religious power. The deacon is a strong cleric with considerable experience. While the octogenarian Bishop Farthing technically runs the abbey, in his old age he has allowed the deacon to handle most of the affairs of the church. Young-looking for a man in his late 40s, Brodie served in the Tyn army where he healed those that were wounded in battle and read last rites for those who couldn’t be helped. Brody was a counselor to young Pat, and went to the island if Inish Bora to retrieve the Silver Spear ahead of the party, but was presumed killed before the party got there.


Bez’rin is the uncle of the elf Radcliffe and a diplomat attached to the Duchy of Tyn. As a wizard who has had to study the magical arts intensively, Bez’rin was distant and dismissive of Radcliffe, a natural sorcerer. That changed after the war, when Bez’rin requested that Radcliffe assist Basil while Bez’rin gathered information about Redriver. Most recently, Radcliffe and the new adventurers were able to rescue Bez’rin from capture in RedRiver. As a result of torture during his capture, Bez’rin is now missing his ring finger and little finger on his right hand.


Chez’lit (deceased)
According to Rennik, Chez’lit is the name of the bald sorcerer with the tattood head that wears a scarf over his face. The sorcerer first encountered the party with a group of bandits in the woods on the way to Ket Keep, obtaining the scrollcase trapped with a giant scorpion which was intended for Bordin. Chez’lit was seen again with a Vermese ambush group in the sawmill near Lakewood, apparently selling his services to the Vermese. Most recently, he attacked the part at Fort Dennus in Lakewood alongside the Magistrate, but fled when the Magistrate fell in battle.

Chezlit than participated in the assault at the Rose and Crown and again with the Magistrate under the Church of the Lost Seaman at Est Harbour, where he was killed in battle.




Cirrilus was a mysterious, ancient elf that lived in a hidden observation post under the Isle of Dread for hundreds of years. The party met Cirrilus after rescuing Oja, whom he had been mentoring. Cirrilus claimed to be stationed on the island to observe the power that ran through the ley lines and study the strange crystals that laced the spot (his form had actually merged with the crystals in his abode, leaving him unable to move), as well as to keep tabs on the Tanaroans and the Golden Shield. Though his cohorts died long ago, Cirrilus took an orphan indigenous girl under his wing, named Oja, whom he taught reading, writing, and other skills. Cirrilus provided the party with knowledge of the orcs of the island, as well as Rahu.

When encountering Rahu, the Rakshasa claimed to have found Cirrilus and Oja and to have killed the old elf.

Commander Dankurk (Deceased)

Commander Dankirk, Lord of Shearwall, is a burly grizzled veteran with balding grey hair and beard. Hailing from the Capital city of Tyn, his army was rallied early in the war to ride to the defense of Pallmoor Gates. By the time they arrived the city had already fallen and his forces became surrounded. He now commands a force of about 200, hiding in the woods south of lakewood, launching harassment attacks in an attempt to cut of the Vermese supply lines.

Commander was killed during the Liberation of Pallmoor Gates, his body unrecoverable.

Cole Copperpot


Cole Copperpot, uncle to Porkins Shankweed and brother of Coolridge, is a lazy, fat, ineffectual lawman that rode to power on his brother’s success. Cole ran the constabulary of Zella’s Vineyard after the disappearance of Coolridge before the Second Vermese War, and after Porkins was (somewhat wrongfully) humiliated after a surprise hobgoblin raid just before the war started.

At the height of the war, when Tyn was under siege, Captain Bonnie based herself our of Peckton, smuggling goods into Peckton in exchange for refuge and coin. When the Red Tusk hobgoblins arrived looking for the Captain (to exchange to Loya Jurga in order to break a curse she placed on them) they were captured by the halflings and placed in the custody of Cole. Cole apparently released the hobgoblins and gave them Captain Bonnie, ostensibly in order to stop Loya Jurga’s attacks. After the party rescued Captain Bonnie and killed Loya Jurga, the townsfolk of Peckton banished Cole, and he hasn’t been seen since.

Cotton Cornpiper


Cotton is an elderly crotchety halfling wizard and potion maker that paid the party to escort him from Lakewood to Peckton in Zella’s Vineyard after the Battles of Lakewood. During this journey the party battled the Red Tusk hobgoblins, who were attempting to capture Captain Bonnie to bring to Loya Jurga. Cotton sold some of his items to the party in order to pay for a cure for his dementia.




Deen is a childhood friend of Porkins living in Peckton, who participated in the defense of the town from the Red Tusk hobgoblins. He acts as the current assistant sheriff of the town.




Deirdre Silvermoon


Deirdre is a half-elf bard (singer) who fled the unwanted marriage of the trickster fey named Hamish. Deirdre and her fiance found themselves in Pat’s Cider House when Hamish tracked them down and began to cause deadly trouble. The Cider House Gang was able to stop Hamish and prevent the unwanted wedding, earning the gratitude of young couple and her elven father.


Lord Eddington (Deceased)

Lord Eddington commands an army of soldiers in defense of Tyn. He was leader of the force blockading the Vermese in Est Harbour to the north, south of Tyn. He was seriously wounded and left for dead in a major battle when trying to stop hobgoblin forces from reaching the city, but survived. His lower face was seriously disfigured, leaving him with a gutteral voice. He wears an armored half-helm at all times to hide his disfigured jaw until it can be healed.

Lord Eddington was killed by Dessication Rottli’s Wicker Man during the liberation of Pallmoor Gates, his body unrecoverable.



Delgato is a handsome, charismatic rogue and a skilled orator, who also happened to be a member of the Cult of Tiamat that operated in Malagra. Delgato led the recruiting operations in the city, swelling the ranks of the Cult with promises of power and life after the destruction the old god would rain onto the world after her inevitable summoning. The group sent to retrieve the Red Fang foiled his plans, however, and Delgato was sentenced to the Malagra dungeons.




Dinarzade is the beautiful daughter of the Sultan of Sidron. In addition to being a princess from that city-state, she is an accomplished singer and story-teller. She was betrothed to the Emir of the United Emerites of Zish in an effort by her father to seal an alliance. However, recently, the Emir of Zish was murdered by his brother, a mad wizard known as Al Hazared, who took all of his brother’s possessions, including Dizarzade.

Imprisoned on Al Hazared’s ship while his pirate navy ravaged port towns along the coastal cities, Dinarzade managed to escape on a fleeing merchant ship, and was able to broker passage on the Captain Morgan for return to Sidron and her father.


Don D’qen


A tough-as-nails battle priest and member of the Brotherhood of the White Lion, Don D’qen has made a career of cataloging, finding, and protecting ancient artifacts for the Order. When Inspector Iago reached out for assistance with tracking down a potential cult operating in the city, Lady Estrella sent the Don to Malagra to assist, where he was teamed up with Coolridge, Cotton, Captain Bonnie, and the Grudge, and successfully tracked down the cult.




Dugan is a senior member of the Night Rangers responsible for training young recruits. Though he is strong, loyal, and wise, Dugan is not above being outsmarted and is a bit of a sucker for a sad story. Dugan led the raid which freed the sage, but also allowed Renda to infiltrate the Night Rangers. He assisted the party when they were trapped in the chamber of the undead armies. His favorite weapon is a longbow and he often carries sun arrows with him into the dark reaches under Pallmoor Gates.


The Duke Regent / Earl Pellek (missing)

After the Duke of Tyn was assassinated at the start of the War, his brother Pellek, the Duke Regent, took over governance of Tyn until his nephew reaches of age. The Duke Regent seems to run the Duchy reluctantly, and always seems a bit put out and annoyed.

When young Duke Robillard came of age, Pellek relinquished most of his administrative duties, allowing Garrick to continue to advise the young duke. Pellek was sent on a diplomatic mission to Northwood, but his ship never arrived and is presumed captured or deceased.


The Engineer (Deceased)

The man known only as The Engineer is an elderly black man from parts unknown. He is a member of the inner circle of the Duke of Tyn and has the full confidence of the court. The Engineer works on the most important mathematical and architectural projects in Tyn City, has an almost Encyclopedia knowledge of local history, and is also known to dabble in alchemy. The Engineer was first met while trying to decipher the mystery of the tunnel that hobgoblins sappers were digging under the walls of Tyn City during the seige.

After the failed Dominion invasion, the Engineer was outed as a long-time Dominion agent. He admitted to spying on the party using a special room in the Citadel. The party found him being tortured in the dungeons by Phagius Rottli, and the engineer was eaten alive by a locust swarm.


Lady Estrella


Lady Estrella leads a group of knights called the Order of the White Lion. The group was dedicated to protecting the Dybbuk temple from the desert from being molested. However, after the party sacked the temple and released the Dybbuk, Esrella and her men helped the party fight off an ambush from Al Hazared. Rather than being angry at the party for disturbing the temple, Estrella recognizes Father Pat as the carrier of the Silver Spear and offers them information and assistance.


Faisal (and Habibi)


Faisal is the royal groom for the stables of Sidron and a trusted desert guide. Despite his young years, he has somehow won the trust and friendship of the princess Dinarzade, who taps him (along with his trusted camel Habibi) to keep the party safe while in Sidron and help guide them home. Faisal escorts the party to the desert Dybbuk temple and assists with fighting off Al Hazared’s ambush, after which he is tasked with returning Al Hazared’s corpse to Dinarzade.



Finneran Four-Fingers


(See character entry)

Finneran is a thief that joined the party on their first adventure, when they were assigned to locate the ranger Borden during the exodus of Lakewood. Finneran travelled with the party towards Ket Keep and dissappeared after the second day in the woods.

Years later, after the party returned to Tyn, a chance encounter led Porkins to Finneran vis a vis a member of his gang, who flagged Porkins for an easy mark. Since then, Finneran helped the party with a ruse to steal the Gate Key from the Tyn Mint.

Finneran has an uneasy relationship with Porkins whom he appears to view as a competitor. He claims that he was hired by ‘some priest and an old black man’ to arrange the very first expedition, for some unknown reason. Since he fell on hard times years ago, he has since returned to Tyn and leads a small but powerful gang of thieves that call themselves the Dirt Dynasty.

The other members of the Dirt Dynasty include harlot sisters Tabitha and Samantha Goodstocking, confidence man Percival ‘The Purse’ Nabinshire, half-orc enforcer Crump, and corrupt members of the Tyn constablary, John and Tyler.


Fostran (Deceased)


Little is known about the herbalist known as Fostron, who lived and worked out of Steelheart. It is said that he was raised by plains barbarians, who found him as a young child after the Battle of Shearcreek over thirty years ago. His wife Nadila is most certainly of plains barbarian descent.

When Steelheart fell at the start of the war, Fostran’s son was taken from him and conscripted into Vermese military, and Fostran was nearly killed in the process. His wife Nadila found him and nursed him back to health. Months later, Fostran apparently used his knowledge of forbidden magic, learned from the plains folk, to summon a Wendigo to drive off the Vermese and hobgoblins and free Steelheart, which he claimed as an independent town, full of bitterness at the lack of support from the Duchy of Tyn. However, his dark magic cursed him, and he was unable to control the Wendigo or his own hunger for flesh. Ultimately the party had to kill him in order to stop the Wendigo curse.




Fritzel is a mentally disturbed gnomish engineer. He apparently worked with The Engineer of Tyn for many years and acted as his mentor. Fritzel that was hired by Tyn to travel with the Bad Company to Mt Ire to try to find the Hammer of the Gods. He witnessed the ghost attack, which drove him mad, but he was able to escape the mountain and provide details of the location of the attack.


Sergeant Goodwin 
Goodwin was a young captain of the city guard, protege, and right hand man to Lord Basil. While too young to have witnessed battle in the last great war, Goodwin is renown for his skill with a rapier, having honed his swordsmanship in at Pallmoor gates in various border skirmishes with Verma and humanoid uprisings. Goodwin arrived in Lakewood several years ago after being offered his current position by Basil.

Sergeant Goodwin is a lean, wiry gentleman. Formerly with a thin pencil mustache and short dark hair, he was always immaculately dressed even when wearing his patrol armor, and is a hit with the ladies.

Goodwin developed a rich history during the latest Vermese war, where he betrayed Lakewood to the Vermese, was captured by the party and held at the Honeycomb, held at Lakewood where Chezlit helped him escape, and finally attacked the party at Est Harbour before being assassinated while a prisoner of the party.

Presumed dead due to his poisoning, Goodwin actually survived the assassination, and was found by the party during the Night of the Three Sisters. He helped the party stop the sisters and kill Renda Jurga.



Griniak Ancient tales of heroics spoke of the shape-changer Griniak, who accompanied the heroes Finn Maglann and Cromus and wielded the ivory cudgel. When the party found the Engineer’s notes in the Mint of Tyn that led them to search for the Ivory Cudgel, their journey led them to the Nameless Peaks. They uncovered stories of an ice wizard that stole the Ivory Cudgel and killed any that sought it. When they eventually traced the cudgel to a spire protected by all manner of natural and elemental creatures, the ‘ice wizard’ revealed himself to be the very druid Griniak, whose visage had been driven mad and whose visage had been changed by hundreds of years of hibernation under a giant avalanch before emerging generations ago and protecting the cudgel for some arcane reason. Failing to negotiate with Griniak, the party defeated him and Clinton took the cudgel for his own- only to find the voice of Griniak still speaks to him through the weapon.



Gruner is the leader of the Night Rangers, the group stationed under the city of Pallmoor Gates, that protects the city from the evil creatures living in ancient layers below the city that constantly try to make their way to the surface. Gruner sent Bendron and three others on a mission to run “The Gauntlet”, to escape under the city and out of Pallmoor Gates, past the surrounding goblinoid armies, in order to get help for the beseiged city.

Gruner participated in the liberation of Pallmoor Gates, leading the Night Rangers in securing the Granaries.

Garrick Fergus (missing)


Garrick is an advisor to the Duke Regent and has the full confidence of the court and is acting commander of the Duke’s Army. His motives are unclear as he appears to be loyal but haughty and overconfident. Garrick, while hiring the party for several missions, appears distrustful, especially with regards to the escape of Lady Ashwind and the party’s reluctance to hand over the Hammer of the Gods.

Years later, after the party returned from adventures across the globe, Garrick was loyally serving the now come-of-age Duke Robilard. After the party discovered the dungeons under the Citadel to be infested with vampyres, Garrick led an inquisition to find traitors, blaming one Earl Chesper. Requesting Father Pat and Radcliffe’s presence at an inquisition, Garrick seemed as surprised as anyone to learn that the young Duke had been replaced by a Naga in disguise. It is unclear whether Garrick survived the subsequent collapse of the Royal Tower.

Cora Greenapple


Cora Greenapple is a middle-aged female halfling bard who lives in Zella’s Vineyard. She apparently had some sort of relationship with Coolridge Copperpot in the past, but married Stiles Greenapple, a rival for her affection. Cora is the custodian of Stile’s notes about his search for a set of legendary relics believed by some to be weapons created by the gods.


Stiles Greenapple (deceased)

A resident of Zella’s Vineyard and member of the adventuring group known as the Bad Company, Stiles Greenapple was a fervent treasure hunter and had spent the last several years researching a legendary treasure known as the Silver Spear. He eventually received some information that it was real and being hidden on the island of Inish Bora. He left his wife, Cora, to travel to the island alone, but never returned.

The party found Stile’s body, complete with his Bad Company ring, where they discovered the Silver Spear.




Grina is the beautiful daughter of a rich clothing merchant based on Tyn. Grina wanted to marry a local collier’s son, but her father forbade her from marrying below her class. She ran away with her boy paramour to the outcase village of Plyte under Mt Ire. There, the villagers tricked the couple, and offered them up as a sacrifice to a pair of harpies living on the mountain. The party was able to rescue Grina but not her lover. The merchant at Tyn was quite thankful.



Hamish is a leprechaun- a mischievous fey- that tricked Deirdre Silvermoon into a promise of marriage. When Deirdre and her true love attempted to escape, they found themselves trapped in the Cider House during a blizzard. The vengeful Hamish terrorized the couple, along with the Cider House Gang and other occupants, attempting to press Deirdre into marriage and leaving for Tir Na Nog. However, the Cider House Gang was able to stall the ceremony and defeat Hamish long enough for Deirdre’s elven relatives to arrive with their fey allies, who banished Hamish to the Unseelie Court for 70 years for his actions.



The girl known as Hazel (probably not her real name) served as the handmaiden of Lady Ashwind for a year, but was apparently a spy for Baron Rottli. She infiltrated Tyn and helped get Vermese forces into the inner city via the teleportation gate under Tyn. A young girl with dark hair and almond eyes that dresses in fine clothing of foreign origin, she is a skilled monk and capable of amazing feats of agility. She attacked the party at the Rose and Crown and was last seen participating in the destruction of Est Harbor.

Earl Hillibrand (missing, presumed deceased)

Earl Hillibrand, second cousin to the former duke, is a minor noble and member of the Tyn aristocracy. Hillibrand is tall, blond, and clean shaven with a thin, girlish build. While the young Earl led a charmed life before the war and can be a bit pretentious, he seems to truly consider himself honor bound to protect the Duchy and is actually adequately competent with his shortsword and quite brave, if not foolhardy.

Earl Hillibrand participated in the Liberation of Pallmoor gates when the party was able to summon reinforcements via the Aperture device. He and his loyal guard stayed there after the armistice in order to secure the border, until he was summoned back to Tyn during the inquisition by his sister via the re-adjusted aperture device and a gate key stolen by Clinton and Porkins. Earl Hillibrand proceeded to the Royal Tower with his men just before the tower collapsed. He was presumed killed in the collapse, his body never found.


Lavinia Hillibrand

Lavinia is Earl Hillibrand’s sister. An attractive young woman with long blonde hair which belies her skill with the traditional royal weapon of Tyn, the shortsword. Lavinia formed a bond of friendship with Radcliffe after he was raised from the dead, and assisted him with the liberation of Lady Ashwind.

After the failed Dominion invasion of Tyn, Livinia apparently arrived in Peckton to collect Dominion prisoners and escort the party to be questioned by the young Duke. However, once the party was lured into the dungeons under Tyn, this Livinia was found to be a Panalangin (a type of undead that can detach her head). Livinia was later found in the dungeons and passively activated the Golden Shield to destroy Phagius Rottli.

After being rescued, Lavinia enlisted Porkins and Clinton on a plan to steal the Gate Key from the Mint of Tyn, in order to quickly summon her brother and loyal guards prior to the Inquisition that followed. Following the attack at the Inquisition, with the death or disappearance of Earl Hillibrand and the other members of the royal line of ascension, Lady Hillibrand effectively became the Duchess of Tyn.

Father Hubbins

Father Hubbins is a portly, talkative priest of Est Abbey, just to the south of the town of Est Harbour. His main passion seems to be making and consuming beer, but this belies his fervent devotion to Cuthbert and the poor and downtrodden of Tyn.

Father Hubbins assisted the party after the surprise attack and the Rose and Crown, and saved Radcliffe, who was turned to stone.


Inspector Iago


Iago is the chief inspector of the constabulary for the city of Malagra. Once a young constable when Tabor Tooms terrorized the city, Iago followed the series of Tooms-like killings for years after the serial killer was put to death. When the party arrived at Malagra, Iago interviewed them at the scene of the murder of the wife of the merchant who gave the party the map to the desert temple. Iago assisted the party in tracking the source of the murders to the Malagra asylum, and arrived with reinforcements after he party defeated Dr. Poth.

Father Jannus (Deceased)


A stern, commanding figure in his early 60’s, Father Jannus is the head active priest at Armsby Abbey, technically just below the ancient and barely cogniscent Bishop Farthing. Jannus is a force in battle and helped to ensure that Abbey defeated the forces attacking the Abbey, and raised Basil from the dead after the second Battle of Lakewood. Jannus believes Pat, for all his issues, has shown great promise. More recently it has come to light that Jannus had the Silver Spear hidden in the Craggy Islands after the last war, and sent the party on a mission to find it to determine if Pat is one of the “Worthies”, a series of paladins that have wielded the spear throughout history.

Father Jannus was killed during the liberation of Pallmoor Gates, his body unrecoverable.


Jendril is a female elf wizard, assistant to Bez’rin/ Jendril accompanied Bez’rin to Redriver when he was kidnapped. She participated in the defense of the Honeycomb and the battle at Parkinryde Mott, and travelled with the party to Peckton to meet with someone at Peckton.


Jeribold (presumed deceased)


Jeribold, or “Jeri”, is an elderly sage specializing in ancient artifacts of the lost empire. He was captured by Rottli’s forces early in the war, at Pallmoor Gates, where he was forced to reveal secrets that allowed the Baron to control King Palimorin’s lightning gates. He was freed near the end of the war when Dessicatia made a play to embed Renda with the Night Rangers. He accompanied the party into the Sphere when they attempted to link to Tyn as Pallmoor Gates was liberated. He was knocked into the energy sphere and presumed disintegrated.



Jon is a young acolyte of Est Harbour with red hair and a club foot (Hubbins hints that they purposely do not heal his affliction in order to save him from Vermese conscription). Jon helps the party at Est Harbour and retrieves Hubbins to assist Radcliffe when the elf is turned to stone by the Medusa.


Sister Kirstan

Kirstan is a young cleric that was cloistered at the Armsby Abbey and helped the party defend that Abbey from a goblinoid attack during the Battle of Lakewood. Later, after the Pallmoor Gates Liberation and the subsequent incident at Steelheart, Kirstan helped the wounded and drugged party escape Mother Morena, who had them confined to Armby Abbey. Kirstan, along with Toko, was expelled from the Abbey and, lacking other options, arrived at Pat’s Cider House, seeking employment with Blackie Becker.


Sir Kyle the Unkillable


Sir Kyle is a defender of Tyn and member of the adventuring party known as The Valiant Defenders. He is a member of the Adventurer’s Club in Tyn as well, where he is known to drink lemonwater while his friends indulge in stronger libations.

Kyle has expressed jealousy that Pat carries the silver spear and sees Pat as unworthy of the honor, and has even offered to buy it off of him. His attitude is spoiled and condescending, but none doubt his fighting prowess. It has been overheard that he once killed a Wyvern singlehandedly.

Kyle the Unkillable was killed during the Liberation of Pallmoor Gates, but the Priest Ulmer from Tyn was able to raise him from death.

Kyle joined Mother Morena in an attempt to recover the Silver Spear from Father Pat by force, overwhelming Pat and nearly wresting the spear from him, before intervention by the wizard Maximillian.


Lars Longhearted (Deceased)

Lars was a Tyrese soldier whose wife and daughter were killed in the war. He turned rogue and formed a bandit group that attacked the party, and was killed.



Loricone is the head of the Lakewood Teamsters Guild. A stout man in his 50’s with receding, slick backed hair. Lorione is used to getting what he wants, but his world view has been upended by the Vermese occupation. Those teamsters unable to flee to safer parts have been forced to work for nearly slave wages, or have had their wagons and horses confiscated completely. Loricone finds himself in an unlikely alliance with the forces of justice in Lakewood. He recently received a coded message from Sir Renton via the party, and coordinated the Lakewood underground prior to the Battle of Lakewood.


Loya Jurga (Deceased)


Loya Jurga was a sea hag who, along with her sisters, terrorized Zella’s Vineyard centuries ago before a wizard banished her. She was released from banishment by the Baron’s forces, who found her blind and castaway on a remote island.

Her sight restored, she repaid her debt to the Baron by attacking Inish Bora with her zombie slaves, and cursed a group of Red Tusk hobgoblins in the process, binding them to do her bidding.  In possession of a coral crown, which seems to have enhanced her control over undead and sea creatures, she attempted to use Captain Bonnie to free her captive sisters, but was killed by the party off the coast of Hag Hook. However, Loya Jurga’s soul survived, sequested in her cat’s eye gem, where she later possessed the body of Renda and eventually released her sisters from Hag Hook before being defeated by the party once more.



The mysterious Lyminza is some sort of Dominion agent and magic-user, only seen in dark robes and an expressionless silver mask with female features that hides everything except for her striking green eyes. She first appeared to parley with the party on the Dominion flagship before the Dominion fleet was smashed by the Rogue Wave. Following the incident of Towerfell she re-appeared to strike an alliance with Tyn in a proposed effort to destroy the Vermese. Lyminza has demonstrated magical abilities, including levitation, astral projection, and the ability to survive the Rogue Wave while hundreds of miles out to sea.




An older, not unattractive female wizard named Magya assisted Basil’s forces in the siege of the Straddlefort, and helped categorize the findings of the Alchemists sick stockpile. She has short silver hair with an ornate tattoo around one eye.



Mama Kutsi


Mama Kutsi is member of the Tanaroans, descendents of escaped slaves that live on a mysterious island where Porkins was teleported during the events of the Liberation of Pallmoor Gates. Kutsi is some sort of ranger that rides a sabre-toothed cat named Kalla and leads scouting parties on the island. She is known as a capable and tough but fair leader. She and her party rescued Porkins from an attack by a dinosaur-riding orc and brought him to their village of Enabrain Tain. Along the way Porkins won her respect by helping the group fend off an attack from evil ape-like creatures.

Meg O’ The Bog


Joya Jurga’s vilest coven sister is a green hag that was imprisoned by Benfirr along with Black Nan hundred’s of years ago. Loya Jurga managed to escape that battle and fought the party at Hag Hook in a failed attempt to release her from her stone prison, which the party prevented. Years later, when the party inadvertantly destroyed Benfirr’s golem and released Loya Jurga’s sisters, the coven battled the party at Hag Hook, where Pappy Shankweed was killed. Meg O’ The Bog is a master of dirty witchcraft. She rides a broom and harasses her enemies incessantly.

Mother Morena


Mother Morena is a high priestess from the Duchy of Highsee that took over as leader of Armsby Abbey after the death of Father Jannus. She is very old and appears frail, but possesses great powers bestowed by the gods and can be a ferocious opponent. She first tried to keep the party at the Abbey against their will, apparently so she could keep tabs on the Silver Spear. When the party escaped, she led an attack of good creatures against the party (along with Kyle the Unkillable) to try to wrest the spear away from Pat and return it to the Abbey.


The Magistrate (Deceased)


The man known only as the Magistrate was a Vermese pain priest who ran Lakewood shortly after it was occupied by the enemy. He ruled the town with an iron first, smashing those in his way with his flaming spiked mace, or burning them with his powers. During the Liberation of Lakewood, when Basil and Sir Renton’s forces attacked the Vermese occupiers by surprise, the party battled the Magistrate on the roof of the city’s stone keep, where he tried to summon fire elementals to destroy the town rather than hand it over. The party killed the pain priest. However, during the Battle of Lakewood, where the newly liberated city defended itself from goblinoid attack, Chez’lit stole the Magistrate’s body in the confusion, and freed other prisoners including Renda and Goodwin. They brought the body to the Vermese, where he was mummified, and placed in control of the still-occupied town of Est Harbour.

At Est Harbour, the Mummy Magistrate hatched foul plans under the Church of the Lost Seamen, which he corrupted for evil use. The party found him and killed the mummy there.



Maximillian is a wizard from Lakewood, in his 60s with short grey hair and short beard, more salt then pepper. He wears an eye patch with a sapphire gem embedded in it.

Max has been seen at different times accompanying Cotton Cornpiper, whose senility he tried to help, as well as Sir Renton, who apparently is a former adventuring partner, and Father Hubbins. After the battle of Est Harbour, Maximillian had a decoy Silver Spear created in an attempt to throw off the Baron’s henchmen.



Meznick is a half-elf scout working for Tyn, who has been seen occupying a lookout tower at Alta Toon and witnessed that party attacked by trolls. After Radcliffe was killed in that battle, Meznick found his lizard familiar Mr. Peppers, which he kept as a pet until Radcliffe returned from the dead.


Fat Nelly
Fat Nelly is a fish wyfe that works out of a shanty on the banks of wood lake. She assisted the party in gaining access to Lakewood prior to the Battle of Lakewood.




The wife of Fostran, Nadila is almost certainly of plains barbarian descent, and apparently also a werewolf. The townspeople of Steelheart knew very little about Nadila. Fostran and Nadila, along with their son, arrived in Steelheart when their son was very young. Fostran set up shop as a healer and herbalist, and the pair sold their skills and wares to clerics, doctors, cooks, and traveling wizards. The pair mostly kept to themselves, until the Vermese took over the town.


Orik is a human ranger in his late 20s, extremely quiet in nature. He is medium height and build with shaved head and a brown beard which he keeps neatly trimmed, in juxtoposition to his “live off the land” lifestyle. Orik wears brown leather riding armor and a brown hooded leather cloak that matches his brown horse, Brownie.



Orla Ingaring


A dwarf of the Ingari Clan that make the homes in the Shearwall Mountains, Orla was rescued by her party when her badger familiar alerted them that its mistress was being tortured by trolls. The party won Orla’s favor by rescuing her and her Ingari friends from the trolls and the Frost Giants Flosum and Jehsum. In return, Orla introduced the party to the Ufetze dwarves that led the party to Mount Starfell. Orla left after the introduction to return some of the giant’s treasure to Tyn for the party.

A rugged female dwarf mountain-ranger (“Scrabble-Wend”, in Ingaring terms), Orla has red hair of corn rows and a ready smile that is missing several teeth.




Oja was a girl of mixed Tanaroan/Indigean heritage, whom the party rescued in the Temple of the Tong on the Isle of Dread, after killing the King Tong. Oja led the party to an underground “observation post” manned by the ancient elven Observer known as Cirrilus. Oja had been raised by Cirrulus, who taught her common and of the outside world since her mother was killed in the jungle. Oja is a beautiful girl of about 16 who wears her hair in the traditional mohawk style of the indigenous women of her native tribe, whom she has had little interaction with.



Olaf is a hairy, senior Ice Barbarian longship captain who attacked Fort Thunder as part of an initial force leading an Ice Barbarian fleet into Tyn Harbour. Though over 50 years old, he still has great strength and is a formidable opponent. The party reclaimed Fort Thunder from Olaf, killing his children, Hilka and Olafson in the process, but Olaf was captured alive. Olaf swore an oath to avenge his children, but nonetheless Porkins returned his heirloom battle axe before Olaf was charmed by a sorceress from Tyn and returned to his homeland in a deal to try to secure a quick peace with the Ice Barbarians.

Dr. Poth (Deceased)


Dr. Jedeziah Poth ran the Asylum for the Uncurably Insane in Malagra for many years. When the party arrived at Malagra, after being lured to the desert temple by Balthazar’s map, a series of strange murders were attributed to the long-deceased Tabor Tooms. The party was eventually able to track a series of deaths spanning years to people that had friends or relatives at the asylum. While investigating the asylum it became clear that the modern “Tabor Tooms” was a manifestation of Poth’s psychic abilities. Poth was killed at a battle in the asylum where he had assembled strange and evil creatures to assist. After his death, it was discovered from his notes that he had somehow learned psychic abilities from ancient creatures under the sea, that he was stealing human brains to further his research, and that he had coordinated with a cult to steer the party towards the desert temple in an attempt to destroy Benfirr’s clay golem and other binding agents.

Mayor Grafton
Grafton is the mayor of the “free” town of Lakewood. The Mayor is traditionally appointed by the wealthiest family in Lakewood, which his family have been since the last great war. Grafton is an unpopular beaurocrat that seems to be mostly concerned with keeping the status quo: namely the profitability of his family’s trade business. With the coming of the Vermese occupation, he has advocated a policy of appeasement in the name of peace (which many citizens believe borders on treason).

Peloquin (Deceased)


Peloquin was a young priest from The Golden Dominion, a fresh missionary with golden locks, that was sent to the Isle of Dread along with a research party. Peloquin’s ship foundered on the reef near the island, and he was separated from his party and found by the Tanaroans, who took him in. However, Papa Gonsho locked him in an ancient chapel in Enabrain Tain, using a gem to trap his soul and leaving his mind helplessly separated from his now lifeless body.

When Gonsho also trapped Porkins in the Chapel, Peloquin found that he was able to communicate with Porkins telepathically from the gem. Porkins and Peloquin managed to escape from Gonsho’s henchmen. In the process, Peloquin’s mind was swapped with a Tanaroan guard, and he is now a mild-mannered priest occupying the body of a Tanaroan warrior.

Peloquin adventured with the party as they traveled from the Isle of Dread to Malagra, where the party teleported him to Tyn ahead of the party to warn the Tyrese of an oncoming Dominion invasion. Later, at the attack on the Tyn Royal Tower, Peloquin was killed by the Naga impersonating Duke Robilard, before his body was lost in the collpased tower.



Rahu is a Rahkshasa, an immortal evil spirit made corporeal, who once ruled an entire kingdom in the Eastern Realms. At some point he was banished to the Isle of Dread by hero of old known only as The Warrior, whom the Tanaroans believe was called The Protector of Man (though the ancient texts were actually referring to The Warrior’s shield). Rahu believed that as long as the Golden Shield remained on the island, he would be unable to leave.

Rahu’s physical form was killed hundreds of years ago, but even as a spirit he managed to influence activities on the island, helping to create the Sons of Tong and enlisting the aid of the orc Lizard Riders to his behest. He eventually regained his physical form in recent times, and recruited the Tanaroan Witch Doctor Papa Gonsho to steal the Golden Shield and bring it to him so he could destroy it, but Gonsho unwittingly stole a fake shield. Rahu apparently killed Gonsho before the party invaded his lair under the Smoking Mountain, where they confronted the Rahkshasa and destroyed his physical form, just as Mother Morena appeared to capture his soul.

Later, when Coolridge Copperpot and his partners was hired to retrieve the Red Fang from Malagra, they discovered that the wizard had been kidnapped as part of a ritual sacrifice by the Cult of Tiamat. While they were able to save Aldo Novas, the ritual was completed, and as a result Rahu regained a corporeal body, possessing the Red Fang.

Renda (Deceased)


Renda is a rogue woman who tried to take over the dwarven Bloomery, but was stopped by the party. Her face was scarred with flame from Clinton’s spells. She was freed from prison by Chez’lit, and serves the Baron, perhaps somewhat reluctantly. According to Sargeant Goodwin, Renda may have seduced him to handing Lakewood over to the Vermese before the start of the war. Renda was last seen at Est Harbor, planning the destruction of the city.

Just prior to the Liberation of Pallmoor Gates, Renda disguised herself as a young woman named Arden, hiding her scars under a porcelian mask, and joined the Night Rangers as a recruit. She discovered the party while they were completing the Gauntlet, and assassinated Clinton while the group returned to the Night Rangers headquarters, attempting to escapse with the Gate Crystal, but was killed by Radcliffe.

Devra Renton


The beautiful, dark-haired young daughter of The Red Knight, the party met Lady Devra Renton while delivering the remains of Sir Renton to her while she was custodian of the river-side fortress of Oaken Breach (which her and her small band of warriors reclaimed after the liberation of Pallmoor Gates). Devra is tough but fair and respected as a fighter and strategist. She hired the party to investigate and reclaim Steelheart, the last town held by the Vermese, in exchange for a future share of mining profits.


Sir Renton, the Red Knight (Deceased)


Sir Renton is a knight commander for the Lakewood region of Tyn and longtime ally of Basil. He participated in the liberation of Lakewood and has hired the party for several missions. He is known to have been a past adventuring ally of Hubbins. He is a veteran soldier and field commander that will do anything to win the war for Tyn, but is distrustful of his own government. When prepared for battle, he always wears plate armor that is laminated red.

Sir Renton was killed by Dessicatia Rottli during the liberation of Pallmoor Gates, his body unrecoverable.

Duke Robilard (missing)

duke Young Robilard became Duke of Tyn when his father died just before the start of the current Vermese war. However, he was too young by Tyrese law to administrate the Duchy, so he his uncle, the Duke Regent, took over operations during the start of the war and the initial Vermese seige. Following the detente after the Battle of Pallmoor Gates, Duke Robillard turned 15 and officially became the Duke. Garrick remains his closest advisor while his uncle dissappeared during a diplomacy mission to Northwood.

At Garrick’s inquisition following the discovery of a vampyre infestation under the citadel, the Duke was revealed to be a disguised Naga who attacked the proceedings. How long the Naga impersonated the Duke, and the young Duke’s fate, are still unknown.

Roisin was a harlot working out of the Honey House who had an unfortunately run-in with a Vermese guard, which sent her on the path of assisting the Lakewood resistance. At some point, Roisin was replaced by the changeling that lured the party to Stonedennus to face the magistrate. It is not yet known what became of the real Roisin.


Baron Rotti

Little is known about the Vermese. His only appearance to the party has been as a vision that appeared during the iquistion before the attack on the Royal Tower in Tyn.


Dessicatia Rottli (presumed deceased)


Supposedly the Baron’s niece (though she appears to be quite old), Dessicatia was put in charge of Pallmoor Gates, and was seen by the party just before the liberation, when she activated the Wicker Man to punish the town and complete a spell to summon great evil.

During the liberation of Pallmoor Gates, Dessicatia and her Wicker Man killed both Sir Renton and Lord Eddington, but was presumably killed by Father Hubbins and Maximillian, her body unrecovered.


Phagius Rottli (Deceased)

Phagius The ancient vampyre that was torturing Tyrese citizens and Dominion marines under the Tyrese Citadel claimed to be Phagius Rottli, uncle to the Baron of Verma. After torturing and killing the Engineer Phagius stalked the party in the dungeons and was killed by Livinia Hillibrand, whom he had captured, when she passively activated the Golden Shield. How this creature got into the dungeons under the capital is currently a mystery.




Sazaraq in an elf from Brenniven who was gathering intelligence at Steelheart at the start of the war. When Steelheart fell to the Baron’s forces, Sazaraq was imprisoned at Steelheart as a bargaining chip, where he languished for three years. When Steelheart was finally liberated, thanks to the foul magic of Fostran, Sazaraq was freed and given the choice to either fight alongside Fostran for a new, liberated Steelheart, or leave the town with other folk that did not trust Fostran. Sazaraq left, but the Wendigo summoned by Fostran killed the rest of his party. He was able to hide in the snowy hills for days, his elven resistance to charm and sleep magic hiding him from the Wendigo, until he stumbled upon the party, having heard the singing of Golden Boy. After Fostran was defeated by the party, Sazaraq stayed in Steelheart to help transition the town to the Duchy.

Peter “Pappy” Shankweed


Porter’s father, Peter, is the kind-hearted, hard working teamster that worked out of Zella’s Vineyard, delivering the popular wine made in the halfling lands to villages as far as Lakewood. While Peter’s brother followed the adventurer’s path, Peter was happy to care for his son Porkins and two daughters after the untimely death of his young wife (when not on the road with the ponies).

After Porkin’s short stint on the Peckton city watch, he worked with his father one spring when they found themselves stuck in Lakewood at the start of the war.

During the attack of the three hags at Hag Hook, Pappy was one of the civilians captured by Loya Jurga to taunt the party. Pappy was the only civilian killed in this attack, but was reincarted by Clinton, albeit in the form of a kobold.

Mr Skeffington


Mr Skeffington, or simply “Skeff” as the other officers refer to him, is a brilliant gnome navigator of the Captain Morgan. Like most of the other officers on the ship, he is secretly an agent of the Golden Dominion, which is unknown to the crew (who consider themselves outlaws).



Captain Stenwick 


Stenwick is Captain of the Guard for the Tyn Royal City Guard, nicknamed the Bronzies because of their traditional bronze shields. Stenwick was seduced by Hazel and nearly killed as part of the planned invasion of Royal Hill, before Radcliffe and Lady Hillibrand intervened. Stenwick presented the party with lifetime memberships to the adventurers club.

Years later, Stenwick accompanied the party to the dungeons under Tyn, and was killed by a vampire there.

Miss Teeg


Miss Teeg is the bosun of the smuggling vessel, The Captain Morgan. Despite her youth and beauty, she is known as a tough but fair boss among the crew of that ship, as well as a capable fighter. What the crew of the Captain Morgan does not know is that she, as well as most of the other officers of the ship, are actually working for the government of the Golden Dominion, and that their “smuggling jobs” are actually fronts for espionage or deliveries that serve the goals of that empire.





Tabor Tooms (Deceased)


Tailor by day, serial killer by night, Tooms terrified the people of Malagra years ago with a series of grisly beheadings, before he was finally captured (with help from a young Inspector Iago, then constable). He spent time at the Malagra Asylum, until convicted for the murders and hung in the town square. Dr. Poth used the legend of Tabor Tooms to construct a psychic recreation of the murderer, which he used to remove anyone that might guess the true nature of the Asylum over the course of many years (and to supply Poth with a supply of brains for study).






Telico is a Tanaroan scout, often seen wearing his backwards-facing Mask of Few Surprises, that was part of the party that found Porkins on the Isle of Dread, and helped guide the party on the island and fought alongside them.




Thraxus is a powerful necromancer that has never been met by the party, but has been mentioned as being present at the seige of Tyn by the Red Tusk hobgoblins, who forced them to pledge allegience to Loya Jurga in return for their service “you will serve me in life and death”. He was also known to be present with Dessicatia Rottli before the liberation of Pallmoor Gates, but apparently escaped during the battle.

At the Inquisition following the discover of vampyres under the Tyn palace, Thraxus appeared alongside the Naga impersonating Duke Robilard, and appeared to be in possesion of the legendary Obsidian Scythe. Thraxus killed Earl Chesper and fought Father Pat to a standstill, before teleporting away just as the tower collapsed.

Thraxus has a skull tattoo on his face and bones on his body. He eschews the traditional black necromancer robes in battle, wearing baggy pants and a bare torso, to instill terror in his enemies.



Toko is a warrior and defender of Armsby Abbey. Toko was a slave soldier, proficient with a spear, that lost his company in the chaos of battle in the Sea of Sand. Toko wandered lands penniless and hungry for a long time before Jannus, traveling on a mission, showed him sympathy and offered him work. Toko eventually returned to the Abbey with Jannus, and fought bravely in the Siege of Armsby Abbey.

When the party was held at the Abbey against their will by Mother Morena, Toko helped the group escape. Toko was expelled from the Abbey as punishment and traveled to Pat’s Cider House with Sister Kirstan, where he currently works and resides.

Count Umbridge (Deceased)

Count Umbridge was the leader of the xenophobic Umbridge family and occupant of the Straddlefort, which straddles the river that runs from Lakewood to Pallmoor gates. Umbridge was a sick alchemist who dabbled with foul reagents and forbidden magic. The party fought the duke at the Straddlefort when Tyrese forces took the structure.


Rutherford Umbridge


Count Umbridge’s parasitic twin/tumor familiar was originally encountered as a less elegant partner to the Count as it skulked about (and flew over) the castle while the Count battled the party. Originally written-off as an unintelligent animal-like creature, Rutherford appeared years later in Lakewood disguised as the enigmatic ‘Director’, where he held a play re-enacting the events at the Straddlefort which painted the Lords of Lakewood in less-than-positive light, intending to blow up a theater and kill many innocents at the final show. Fortuitously, the Cider House Gang discovered the plot and, while the Dirt Palace was destroyed in an explosion staged by Rutherford, no innocents were killed, and Blackie Becker even rescued Rutherford to work at Pat’s Cider House.

Vayama and Thistle

Vayama is a member of the Druidic sect known as the Greddics and custodian of Canton Seven in the woods west of Lakewood. Vayama is a lean, athletic brown skinned man, bald with a gnarly black beard and sharp features. He is keen to wearing headgear adorned with antlers, and is seen with his eagle companion. Vayama is haughty and sees himself as wiser than most and fit to pass judgement on those that trespass in his territory.

Thistle is his trusted cohort, a pale skinned female elf with white hair. Thistle is quick to change attitudes, and can go from bloodthirsty to compassionate and back again in a heartbeat. She can be found running the woods with her wolf companion.

Wu Shen


A mysterious Wizard/Monk from the far East, Wu Shen has some association with the Baron’s forces, and was seen battling the party alongside (or commanding) the girl monk, Hazel, at the gate under the Temple of Light in Pallmoor Gates.Wu Shen sent his iron cobra to attack the party, and escaped after suffering wounds from Father Pat.