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Clinton Killingsworth Character Bio

A juvenile Clinton Killingsworth was born in the gnome village of Blumpkin Hollow near the Iron Hills. His family was traveling in a refugee caravan fleeing Baron Rottlich’s army towards the end of the last war, when the caravan was attacked by a roving gang of gnolls. Clinton fled and miraculously survived. Clinton has little memory of the days following this event, other than learning to survive off of the forest until he considered himself part of it.

Eventually Clinton became aware of the Greddic Druidic sect that lived in and protected the lands near Lakewood.

Since the Kressler Accords over 50 years ago, the Greddics and the humans of Lakewood have lived in a not overly friendly but stable truce. The loggers and woodcutters of Lakewood agree to fell trees of certain types and ages, and the druids agree not to “disappear” any loggers.

Clinton was initiated into the Greddics just a few years ago. Since then, he and his trusty dog, Parqinryde, have wandered the western forests, learning the secrets of the lands and protecting it from those that would cause harm. Recently, the druids have become aware of the dangers of Baron Rottlich’s invasion. Verma is a land of denuded forests and stripped lands. In fact, it is speculated that the main reason for the recent invasion is for the Baron to get access to the forests of Tyn. If Lakewood falls to the Baron, the forest is in grave danger. This is why the druids have sent Clinton into Lakewood to gather information on the new war.