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Backstory: Father Pat

Patrick Brannagh was born on the island of Inish Baeg in the craggy islands. His mother died during childbirth and his father and brother drowned in a mysterious fishing accident, leaving the young Patrick orphaned (and stranded in the fishing boat for 4 days). Eventually locals found the young Pat and the local church took custody of him, but eventually transferred the troubled boy to the larger Armsby Abbey outside of Lakewood. There, Pat initially followed the brotherhood on the path to priesthood.

The brothers of the abbey knew that something was different about Pat. He is clearly a troubled man, quick to the drink and always pretending to be somebody else. Pat’s schizophrenic tendencies were initially harmless enough. He would dress in the garb of a merchant or a knight and assume a new identity for days at a time. His odd behavior reached an all time recently, when he convinced himself that he was a half-elf from a distant land that was once a powerful adventurer that succumbed to the power-draining effects of a vampire. There were those at the abbey that wanted Pat to leave, but Deacon Brodie saw someting in Pat, a potential for greatness.

Since joining the adventuring team to assist in the liberation of Lakewood against the Verma invasion, Pat has finally seemed to find the true voice inside him, which all along had called him to the path of the Paladin to deliver righteous deliverance to the good and smite evil wherever he encounters it.