Legends and Lore

Benfirr the Binder

A powerful wizard living hundreds of years ago, Benfirr made it his life’s quest to capture or destroy evil beings from other dimensions and evil artifacts, including the Red Fang as well as Loya Jurga and her sisters. He may have had a hand in hiding the Golden Shield at the Isle of Dread and trapping Rahu there as well.

Cromin Enabran

Also known as ‘The Protector of Man’, Cromin was a fierce warrior-priest who was allied with Finn Maglaun and Griniak the Shapeshifter. He wielded the Golden Shield, and a statue that resembles him still stands in the city of Enabran Tain, in the Isle of Dread.


Griniak the Shapeshifter was said to be an ally of Finn Maglaun and Cromin. Griniak was said to have wielded the Ivory Cudgel.

Lightning Gates

The ancient Lightning Gates were assumed to be legendary for hundreds of years, until the Lords of Lakewood tracked a force of Vermese sappers under the city of Tyn, where it was found that they were attempting to activate the gate under Tyn in order to teleport Vermese shock troops to the city.

Since then, the main control system and power source of all of the lightning gates, dubbed the Aperture device, was found under Pallmoor gates, which was then occupied by the Vermese.

Each gate must be activated by a Gate Crystal, which allows it to be linked to the Aperture device at Pallmoor.

Most recently the lighting gate under Tyn was destroyed by Clinton when it was overloaded due to a misalignment of the Aperture device.

The Nine Pieces of Iron Cycle

A series of epic poems that became popular across Urf centuries ago, when an aged traveling bard held audiences rapt with thrilling adventures, these stories were first captured in text only two hundred years ago. Still popular around campfires to this day, it is popular tradition for sailors to name their ships after characters from the epic.

Finn Maglaun

Finn Maglaun is the legendary and most famous carrier of the Silver Spear, according to legend. He met his fate in the Rimesbane Valley, fighting the frost giant Jarl.

King Palimorin

A wizard-king from the ancient era. Ruler of the 5 kingdoms (now the Free Duchies + Verma). Palimorin was said to have built the Lightning Gates himself, and used them to transport his army at great speed to maintain control over his kingdom.

The Silver Spear

It is said that the Sextarma are aligned with positions of the great constellations in the sky, which in turn align with the dispositions of the Gods towards their mortal followers, which the ancients refer to as their “Alignment”.
The Silver Spear, one of the Sextarma, is said to exhibit powers when wielded by a Worthy. The powers of the spear increase with the amount of energy that the Worthy is capable of channeling, quantified as Circles.
At the first circle:
The silver spear functions as a good-aligned silver weapon (useful against lycanthropes) and it possesses one level of enchantment.
The spear is said to have the ability to influence the Worthy to locations of great importance in the struggle of the Gods.
At the third circle:
The silver spear returns to its owner when thrown.
The spear functions with three degrees of enchantment against Giants.
(It is said that this power was bestowed when the hero Finn Maglaun spilled his blood versus the Ice Giant, Jarl)
At the fifth Circle
Five enchantments against true devils.
The spear can magically extend itself to the length of a lance.
At the seventh circle
The Worthy can cast spells that require touching an opponent through the spear.
At ninth circle:
The weapon functions as a Holy weapon when wielded by a Worthy, doing additional damage to evil.
…Here the text stops where the scroll is ripped.



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