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The Continent of Pelinor

The Sea of Stars

The large body of water off the east coast of the Duchies is named the Sea of Stars.

The Free Duchies

Through a treaty signed over a hundred years ago, no ruler of the Duchies may call himself King or Emporer.

Tyn (Duchy)

The Duchy of Tyn is the easternmost of the five Duchy’s that formed after the fall of the Palimorin Empire long ago.

City of Tyn

The city of Tyn is the largest metropolis in the Duchy of Tyn. It is the richest and most advanced of the free cities of the Duchys, ruled by the noble Rollard for over 500 years. Tyn is a large city of 125,000 with all types of races and species calling it home.

In the city

Royal Hill

Royal Hill, in the central-north part of the city, around the newer part of the city, is a raised, gated area housing the most important buildings such as Tyn Castle, the Royal Apartments, the Royal Mint, and the Aquefier Mainline. The area is guarded by the elite Royal Guard, nicknamed the “Bronzies” for their Bronze shields.

The Citadel

Tyn Castle, or ‘The Citadel’, is the fortified central structure of Royal Hill which houses the quarters of the Duke and closest family and advisors.

Royal Rectory

A cathedral built for the royal family and important citizens of Royal Hill, where the party was taken after escaping the dungeons under Tyn.

The Quays

The docks along Tyn harbor are known as The Quays.

The Adventurers Club


Located in the City of Tyn near The Quays (wharves), the Adventurer’s Club is an exclusive Inn that requires a special pass, given only to accomplished adventurers and traveler.

Tyror Cathedral

One of the largest Cathedrals in the known realm, this Cathedral is where Radcliffe was raised from the dead.

The Happy Dumping Grounds

A poorer part of the western outskirts of Tyn, at the bottom of the stone hill that the city was built upon. Named as such due to the garbage accrues at the bottom that the richer folk throw from their homes.

The Tannery

A building where Porkins was led, where he was accosted by Finneran Four Fingers.

Near Tyn

The Sheerwall Mountains

The Sheerwall mountains are a range located two days north of Tyn which separate it from the Duchy of Northwood. The range rises up suddently from gentle, rolling hills and are difficult to pass. To the north of the range, the Rimesbane Valley separates these mountains from the even more remote Nameless Peaks.

The Nameless Peaks

An imposing range of hundreds of tall peaks that are sparsely populated and nigh impassable, locked as they are in snow and ice year-round.

Fort Thunder


The Fort Thunder Lighthouse, at the base of Mt Ire, guards the entrance to Tyn Harbor. It consists of a series of tunnels and chambers carved into solid rock by denizens of the area a thousand years ago, topped in recent times by a magical lighting apparatus that guides ships into the bay in times of peace, or warns the city in times of war.

Mt. Ire

A few hours sail or a days ride to the Northeast of Tyn, on a peninsula, Mt. Ire stands guard over the entrance to Tyn Harbour like a lopsided cake. Once known as Mt. Pleasant hundres of years ago, the mountain has been considered cursed since the fall of the Palimorin Empire.


The village of Plyte sites at the base of Mt. Ire. It is comprised almost entirely of outcasts- thieves, deserters, traitors and the like.

Zella’s Vineyard

Zella’s Vineyard is the name given to the peninsula that juts to the east into the Sea of Stars. The Vineyard is believed to be named after a halfling princess that settled the area 800 years ago. Halflings still constitute the primary denizens of the peninsula, living in villages dotting the green hills, surrounded peacefully by humans of the Duchy of Tyn. The rocky shoals have helped protect the halflings from sea attacks. The halflings make fine wines from local grapes, and frequently trade with nearby human settlements.


The main halfling village of Zella’s Vineyard, Peckton houses the halfling port and constabulary.

Hag Hook

Halfling children know to stay away from the tip of Zella’s Vineyard, known as Hag Hook, where Loya Jurga and her sisters once threatened the halflings hundreds of years ago. Ruins still stand there, but wise folk avoid it.

The Greyribbon

The Greyribbon is a river- actually a canal dug by some ancient civilization that inhabited the Vineyard long before the halflings settled there- which separates the peninsula from the mainland and Alta Toon. It is the primary defense of the halfling villages from land attacks. The old covered bridge was burnt by the halflings during the current war, when Vermese troops approached Tyn.

Est Harbour

The easternmost human town of Tyn, Est Harbour was a busy fishing town of about 12,000 before the war. It was the third town to fall to the Baron’s forces and was occupied for over two years. Over a quarter of the town was razed during the Battle of Est Harbour, before it was freed.

Church of the Lost Seaman

A church in Est Harbour where the Magistrate zombie made his base.

The Custom House

A stone building that survived the war and houses some lost spoils of war.

The Thirsty Crow

A dirty wine sink frequented by Blotto.

Near Est Harbour

Halfway Holm / Halfway Inne

Halfway Holm is a small village halfway between Lakewood and Est Harbor. The Halfway Inne is the center of life in the town.

Est Abbey

A large Abbey run by Father Hubbins.


Lakewood is a logging town of about 8000 residents (mostly humans, but a small mix of halflings, and elven traders and diplomats, with a lesser amount of dwarves and gnomes), abutting the great Wood Lake and the Western Forests. Lakewood is strategic for it’s location, close to the elven city of Brennevin and the coastal town of Est Harbour, as well as it’s main export- timber. Before the war, lumber from Lakewood was shipped downriver to the city if Pallmoor Gates for use in shipbuilding.


The dirtiest part of town, home to brothels and gambling dens.

Honey House

Located in the neighborhood known as Smudge, Honey House is a brothel.

The Dirt Palace

An arena used for gambling sports and bear baiting, the party bought the Dirt Palace in order to stop bear baiting.

Castle Quarter

The area of Lakewood housing the main fortress and several important buildings.

The Sword and Spoon

The Sword and Spoon is a Public House frequented by guards outside of Stonedennus (the main fort of Lakewood). Father Pat questioned guards at this pub regarding the jail break at Stonedennus during the second Battle of Lakewood.

Black Pudding Inn

The Black Pudding is a popular, cozy inn near the center of Lakewood with good food, drink, and cozy rooms. Try the Black Pudding Porter.


One of the only stone buildings in Lakewood, this fortress houses the guard and prison.

Maximillian’s Tower


The most powerful wizard of Lakewood, Maximillian maintains a tower that is guarded by magical charms. It did not prevent Mother Morena from attacking the party while visiting the wizard, in an attempt to wrest the silver spear from Pat.

Outside the Wall

Fat Nelly’s Fish Shop

Just outside the city at Wood Lake. Fat Nelly’s was burned down in the Battle of Lakewood, but has been rebuilt.

The Sawmill

Just outside the city, the party fought a short battle here when looking for Goodwin.

Near Lakewood

Armsby Abbey


Located two hours to the northwest of Lakewood by horse, this abbey houses some important artifacts including the Pool of Radiance, a source of healing power.




Pat’s Cider House


Located along the Armsby Trail between the Abbey and Lakewood, this Cider House was awarded to Pat for agreeing the escort Lady Ashwind to Tyn.


The Fen Way

A swampy path running parallel to the Brennevin Trail, on the opposite side of the river. A Lizardfolk tribe claims this land.

The HoneyComb


The HoneyComb is a series of mysterious tall stone spires riddled with tunnels and pockmarked with openings, several of which are connected underground. The ranger Bordin led the Knights of Lakewood to the Honeycomb when Vermese forces first captured lakewood, and it served as a rally point in the early point of the war. It was the site of the Battle of the Honeycomb, where goblinoid forces attempted to surround the spires shortly before the liberation of Lakewood.

Ket Keep

An ancient keep, the ranger Borden hid his detailed maps of the Western Forests here.

The Craggy Islands

The Craggy Islands are a set of rocky islands about 20 miles east of Est Harbor. The islands are said to be where the Paladin Father Pat was found orphaned before he was transferred to the Abbey. The largest island, Inish Bora, was the scene of a mysterious zombie attack that the party averted while searching for powerful weapons used to staunch the Baron’s advance on Tyn.

The Harp and Mermaid

This is a seaside in on Inish Bora. The party rescued the proprietors from a zombie attack, earning a bottle of Boradew whisky in the process.


A church standing alone on the highest point of Inish Bora, Highchurch is where the party found the Silver Spear while looking for weapons to turn the tide in the Siege of Tyn, hidden under a tomb.

Vermese Border Area

The Straddlefort

Ruled by the independent Umbridge family for over 200 years, this fort straddles the Moorhead river between Lakewood and Pallmoor Gates.

Blumpkin Hollow


A secretive gnome village, mostly under the hills of the area. Few outsiders know the exact location.



The small walled village of Steelheart is pledged to the Duchy of Tyn. It imports metals from the dwarves and it’s main exports are weapons and armor. It is built on the only extant cobalt mine within the borders of Tyn, which makes it strategically important in the production of steel. It lies to the south of the Western Forests, close to the Iron Hills. It served as a trading post between humans and dwarves and gnomes, prior to the latest war. Steelheart was the second Tyn town to fall, after Pallmoor Gates.

Oaken Breach

Bodiam Castle

Oaken Breach is a fortress built on the River Red, at the confluence of the River Red and Kildrake Creek, a tributary that feeds it from the Tyn side of the river.

Pallmoor Gates

The second largest city in the Duchy, Pallmoor Gates is actually much older than Tyn. Whereas Tyn’s architecture is modern, Pallmoor Gates retains the old style of building from before the fall of the Empire. Pallmoor was taken by the Vermese at the start of the war.

The Western Forests

Wild woods separating the Duchy of Tyn from the Duchy of Highsee.


A heavily forested Elven city, where Radcliffe was born. It is connected to Lakewood via the Brennevin Trail.

The Iron Hills

The Iron Hills hold the largest concentration of Dwarves in the 5 Duchys.

The Bloomery

An iron fortress / production facility, the Dwarves man the Bloomery as an outpost to trade with Humans, stationed as it is on the River Red.

The Barony of Verma

Once known as the Duchy of Obeaj, the Rottli family came to power shortly after a powerful earthquake destroyed the capital city, sending the townsfolk into revolt. Verma is a secretive, harsh land that borders the Goblinoid Territories. The human lords that live here, all subjects of Baron Rottli, ally with the goblins for survival.


A Vermese town, the town of RedRiver was sacked by the Baron’s own forces just before the war. RedRiver was a Vermese village that lay on the southern shore of the River Red, which served as the main border between Verma and Tyn before the war. According to the Baron of Verma, Tyn attacked and sacked RedRiver just before the war. The Baron used this as an excuse for the surprise attack on Pallmoor Gates, telling the elves that Verma was acting in self defense. Early in the war, the adventurers snuck across the border to look for the elven ambassador Bez’rin, and found that RedRiver was sacked by the Baron himself who punished the town for insurrection, and used the scuttled building materials to build barges used to get his armies across the river and perform a sneak attack on Pallmoor Gates.

Ashwind Vale

A rugged land west of Verminopoli and south of the Iron Hills, this is the ancestral homeland of the Ashwind family.


Also known as “The Cataract City”, Verminopoli is a circular walled city that was rebuilt on the old Obeak capital, which was largely destroyed by an earthquake. Verminopoli consists of buildings carved into the walls of a massive round sinkhole that funnels into the earth. The Baron’s Citadel rises from the center of the pit, rising for hundreds of feet over the outer ridge.

Other Lands of the Duchies



Snowy lands of the Ice Barbarians



Duchy of Northwood

To the north of Tyn over the Sheerwall Mountains

Duchy of Highsee

To the west past the Elven lands.

Duchy of Tolgata

Far to the Southwest, a remote, harsh land that has stayed neutral in all wars.

Sea Orc Islands

After the War of the Collapse hundreds of years ago, most orcs were aggressively driven from all human lands of the duchies. Some settled on islands to the East of Pallmoor Gates, and to this day launch raids from there.


The name given to the continent far to the east, mostly controlled by the Golden Dominion, but the far eastern portion of this continent is the land of Xing Fai, or the Rice Countries.

The Empire of Xing Fai / The Rice Countries

Lands far to the east past the Golden Sea known for its traveling monks and merchants.


The Desert Kingdoms of Zaharia are a group of loosely to non-affiliated city states, principalities, and monarchies ringed around the Sea of 1000 Curses.



A rich, cosmopolitan trading city-state run by the Sultan of Sidron. Sidron has, in its rich history, been allied with and at war with neighboring states of Zaharia. Most recently, the Golden Dominion has been couring the city state as a potential ally against more chaotic nations.

The party returned the bard Dinarzade to her father, the Sultan of Sidron, only to have the celebrations rudely interrupted by Al Hazared.

The Grand Bazaar of Sidron


It is said that a man can find anything he wants in the ancient and famous Grand Bazaar of Sidron, and quite a few things that he does not want to find.

The Bayt Masri Oasis

A walled fort built within an oasis three days northwest of Sidron, this location is where the party met a Merchant who gave the party a treasure map pointing to a location near the Fortress of Shabbas.

The Emirates of Zish

Until recently, a loosely confederated collection of desert and port cities. The Mad Wizard Al Hazarad killed his brother, the Emirate of Zish, and consolidated power through fear and dark magic. In the months since, Zish has embarked on a brutal piracy compaign against coastal cities.

The Ithsmus of Riches

The Ithsmus of Riches is the narrowest point of the dry, hot lands of Zaharia, and a frequent crossing points for caravans between the rich city-states of Sidron and Malagra, which provide trade access to the Sea of 1000 Curses and the Sea of Stars, respectively.


A trading city-state on the coast of Zaharia along the Sea of Stars, this town is home by a cosmopolitan mish-mash of Zaharian humans and ancestors of those who fled the Free Duchies long ago, as well as a sizable humanoid population, even including goblinoids and orcs within their society.

The Offal House

A dirty bar in the basement of a butcher shop, the Offal House was fequented and staffed entirely by a gang of cult members when Coolridge Copperpot’s adventurers tracked one Delgato to this location.

The Velruca Salt Mines

A day and a half Southeast of Malagra by horseback, the Velruca Salt Mines are where Coolridge Copperpot and his adventuring team tracked the Red Fang, where a cult was performing a dark ceremony.

The Golden Dominion

A vast empire comprised of civilizations conquered over hundreds of years, the Golden Dominion occupies must of the continent of Azarar to the east past the Sea of Gold and the desert kingdoms of Zaharia. The dominion is a known for its advanced science, magic, and military forces, though sheer distance from the Free Duchies makes contact with Dominion citizens a rarity. The government of the Dominion is head by a Triumvirate elected by an elite oligarchy, the head of which is known as The Capable.

The mysterious bard Golden Boy hails from these realms.


Auratonium is the legendary capital of the Golden Dominion, and same say the most advanced metropolis in the Known World, sprawling with feats of magical and technological engineering and rooftops of gold. It is where the leaders of the Domionin, including the Capable, call their home.

The Sea of 1000 Curses

This large body of water lies in the southern ocean between Azarar and Zaharia, far to the southeast of the Free Duchies. The Cursed Sea is in the periphery of Golden Dominion control, but mostly lawless and much of it rarely explored by civilized citizens. It is a haven for pirates and smugglers, and many denizens more foul. At the center of the Cursed Sea lies the almost mythical Isle of Dread, itself surrounded by islands frequented only by slavers and cut-throats.

Dragonreef Archipelago

This archipelago in the Sea of 1000 Curses, to the southwest of Azarar and Southeast of Zaharia,  consists of hundreds of islands of various sizes. At the center of this group lies the Isle of Dread. while the islands are a no-mans-land for civilized sailors, the islands contain several ports which pirates use as a base, particularly along the northern circumference.


Freewater is a town inhabited and run by pirates, built in an atoll not far from the Isle of Dread (where the reputation of the Isle and the surrounding reefs keep the town relatively safe from prying navies). The town was originally formed when a small pirate fleet foundered on the atoll in a storm. The pirates scuttled most of the boats and used them to build housing, and eventually as a base from which to capture more vessels. Soon it became known as a refuge for followers of the Pirate Code.

The Satin Sheets

An Inn and caberet along the docks of Freewater. This house of ill repute is built inside the hollowed-out remains of a large three decked vessel that ran aground here years ago. The Matron of the house is a Tanaroan woman who left the Isle of Dread for greener pastures.

The Isle of Dread


A large, isolated island in the Dragonreef Archipelago, the Isle of Dread is all but unknown in the Free Duchies (the few sailors that have heard of it believe it to be myth). Amongst experienced Dominion sailors it is believed to exist in the Cursed Sea but is known as a land that time forgot- a dangerous island with hostile natives and little treasure, surrounded by dangerous, reef-heavy seas. The Isle of Dread in fact lay at the confluence of powerful magical forces, and is home to dinosaur-riding orcs, as well as the Tanaroans- themselves descendents of escaped slaves.

Enabran Tain


The ancient city of Enabran Tain, in the coastal highlands on the southern reaches of the Isle of Dread, was built by a long lost civilization, ostensibly to worship and protect the remains of the legendary hero known only to the party as The Warrior. However, in more recent times (two hundred years ago) the city became home to a group of slaves that escaped a slave ship that wrecked on the island and escaped their masters. The decendants of these slaves, the Tanaroans, still live in the city, with the shared goal to protect the Warrior and his Golden Shield, believing that it was through his intervention that their ancestors escaped bondage.

The party helped repel an orc lizard-rider attack on the city via the stone bridge that connects the city to the rest of the island. However, this was a feint to allow Papa Gonsho to retrieve the Golden Shield.

The Cloister


A chapel built under a peak near the highest point of Enabran Tain, this ancient cloister is where Papa Gonsho sequestered Porkins while he worked his nefarious deal with Rahu. Porkins was able to escape with the help of Peloquin, a Dominion priest whose soul Gonsho trapped in a stone in the chamber.

Temple to the Protector of Man


Rahu orchestrated an attack on Enabran Tain so that Papa Gonsho and his loyalists could assault the Temple to the Protector of Man, supposed burying tomb of the ancient Warrior and the Golden Shield. However, the shield that Papa Gonsho stole from the tomb under the floors of this chamber was apparently a fake.

Cirrilus’ Observation Station

Located in a secret underground facility built to observe the island hundreds of years ago, the Observation Station housed Cirrilus, an aged Dominion elf, and his liege Oja.

Brent Kok

The main orc/lizard rider village, where the party destroyed a crystal which prevented summoning of help on the island held by the orc chieftain.

The Smoking Mountain


This active volcano housed a temple construct that was built by some ancient civilization, and co-opted by Rahu as his lair.