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Backstory: Aza’rin “Radcliffe” Luzerne

The seat of Elven power in Tyn lies in the forest citadel of Brennevin in the Aludra forest (known as the “Western Forests” to citizens of Tyn). The peaceful city belies the determined elves who only reluctantly display their great power, remembering the suffering of the war of 25 years ago as if it were but a few weeks in the past.

Weeks ago, on the same day that Baron Rotli of Verma invaded Tyn by attacking the city of Pallmoor gates to the south, an envoy from Verma lobbied the Brennevin Council of Five with “proof” that Tyn struck first when it sacked and burned the Vermese village of Redriver.

Meanwhile, the Lucernes, a powerful sorcerer family that have served as council to the ruling elves for centuries, have dispatched diplomats to all of the major cities in the Duchys. Aza’rin (“Radcliffe” to non-fey that have trouble pronouncing the high elf tongue) is a brilliant young sorcerer with a gift for history on his first diplomatic mission outside of Brennevin. Radcliffe serves as an attache to his uncle, the cold, stoic Bez’rin who never shows any sign of acknowledging Radcliffe’s skill with pen, spell or bow. The pair arrived at Lakewood on the day the border city of Pallmoor gates fell.

Although the Council is split on whether to assist Tyn or remain neutral, Radcliffe has no doubt that, if the Baron defeats Tyn, he will set his sites on Brennevin next. After a town hall meeting, Bez’rin confides that he will be leaving on a secret mission to find out what really happened to Redriver. Radcliffe is tasked with assisting the knights of Lakewood with a minor humanitarian mission, but Radcliffe wonders if this is the best use of his considerable skills…