The Duchy of Tyn has enjoyed relative peace for 30¬†years, since the end of the War of the Dukes which ended with the alliance of Tyn with the Duchy of Highsee to the west and the Duchy of Northwood to the north against Baron Rottlich and the nation of Verma to the south. At the end of the war a peace pact was signed between the Duchys and Verma, and a cold truce has developed between Tyn and it’s southern neighbor.


All that changed in June, when Duke Robil of Tyn died leaving a young heir of the age of 8. Shortly thereafter, the village of Redriver in Verma, just south of the border, was burned to the ground. Baron Rottlich has blamed the Duchy of Tyn for this atrocity (an accusation which Tyn disavows) and has declared war in self defense.

Several weeks ago, Tyn’s border city with Verma, Pallmoor Gates, fell to the Baron in a surprise defeat (many claim treachery was involved). Pallmoor Fortress was overrun with apparent humanoid support. The Baron’s war galleys have been sighted off the coast to the east of Tyn. The capital of Tyn, Tyn City, to the north has yet to send reinforcements. The old alliance of the Duchys of Sila and Nod (above) have yet to declare solidarity.


You happen to be in the town of Lakewood, 30 miles to the west of East Harbor and 80 miles north of the fallen city of Pallmoor. Lakewood sits on Wood Lake and is a lumber town populated with citizens of Tyn plus some traveling merchants (dwarfs and gnomes from Iron Hills, elves from the Western Forests, and halflings from Zella’s Vineyard on the coast). The townspeople are starting to panic about an invasion.

Just this morning, a rider arrived from East Harbor claiming that advance forces from the Baron have imposed a night curfew on all main roads.

Mayor Keis of Lakewood has called a town meeting tonight. At the meeting, the Lord Basil of Lakewood, commander of the knights, has a plan to move all people of fighting age without children out of town to either make for the woods to the west and try to get help from the Duchy of Sila, or start insurgent warfare. To stay in the city invites the Baron to conscript the fighting folk into his armies as forced warriors.

There are others, however, who say now is the time for each to look after their own. A local barfly, Raspal, claims to know a way to safety and is looking for a small group to travel with him to make it to the north.

The mayor refuses to let anyone abandon the city and recommends that everyone sits tight. He claims to have a plan to defend the city if need be.

Tyn jul 2014

  1. A wonderfull world of intrigue and wonder!
    Im going to see if my friends want to play.

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