The LOOT of many adventures…

God I’ve been so bad with loot. Going back to Pallmoor Gates.
Here are multiple lists:Palmoor Gates (stuff I’m unsure about. Who has this stuff?):
chain of bloody pearls (necklace of adaptation water breathing)
potion of augury
9 +2 arrows

 Steelheart (again, who has this stuff?)
deerskin pouch
shiny blue 6 sided die (made of cobalt from near Steelheart)
rod of cancellation (kd: be careful where you put this. Can’t go near bad og holding)
4 javilins
brooch of shielding (magic missiles)
string of 5 poison sleep darts

small topaz (250 gp)

NOTE: If you have any of this on your sheet, please make a note of it

Control the Center:
Necklace of Garnet and Gold
vermese sheckle rings with emeralds
 bone dagger, medium sized. non-magic. from bat-men near Armsby abbey
gold necklace (~50gp)

And now, the bombs:

I’ve been so bad with Loot.

Isle of Dread (3 adventures):

Tong’s great club with gem (25 lb)
Tong’s gold crown (15 lb)
Tong’s Belt buckle (magic missile) –PAT
Tong’s Cloak of resistance—PAT
Tong’s actual monkey hand
Potion of water breathing x2
beautiful rosewood box (spyglass case, from ship in middle of Isle of dread)
gold spyglass, from ship in middle of IoD)
flint dagger x2 (nonmagic, from Sons of Tong)
green powder x2 (found in primitive alchemy lab of enhanced ton Orangutans)
potion of Protection from arrows
15 gold nuggets (20 gp each, from Tong’s temple)
polished purple necklaces x2
potion of lesser restoration
ceremonial turquoise knife (chop dagger, collectible, ~300 gp)
gold monkey statue (3 lbs) (kd: clearly highly valuable)
studded scabbard
large soul diamond
translucent steel dirk with word “Telor”—PORKINS (kd: +2  ghost touch dirk)
nose ring w/ruby
scroll of alarm
scroll of floating disk
potion of remove paralysis
dinosaur teeth x5
large silver offering plate (KD ~200 gp: this is from the desecrated Temple of Light in Pallmoor Gates)
ornate alarm horn (KD 5lb, carved from animal horn, from Orc Boss tent, non-magic, collectible ~`250 gp)
260 gp
520 sp
5 pp
tiger head pipe (radiates magic, +1 wis, -1 intelligence when smoked from it, for 1 hr 1x/day)
topaz gem from statue
rotted leather journal (mostly illegible, some parts seem to list features of the island)
magic human sized rapier w/ word “elegante”

potion of tongues

this is before we search Rahu’s crystal stronghold room and the bodies of his underlings

we rich.
Rahu’s Geode Room!
Assessing the damage after Rahu’s defeat, the bodies are littered amidst the shattered crystals. Rahu’s were-jaguar consorts have reverted to their human form, as indigenous women, naked except for needles that stick out from their cheeks like whiskers, and feathered anklets. The two indegenous warriors lay crumpled where they fell in battle, one burned almost beyond comprehension. Rahu’s gorilla-like major domo lay where he fell, still wearing his silk vest. Rahu himself turned into smoke as the last blow landed on him, but his equipment fell to the floor as Mother Morena captured his evil soul in some sort of phylactery.
The stuff in the Geode chamber
Majordomo’s large gold ring with amethyst
Majordomo’s felt pouch with 30 gp (unknown mint)
Majordomo’s damaged silk vest
Rahu’s Great Tiger Blur Turban: wearer can cast Blur as quick action 2x day.
Rahu’s wand of Dispel Magic (15 charges)
Rahu’s stolen onyx necklace of obfuscation
1 potion of cure moderate wounds
Rahu’s +3 returning crystal chakram
Rahu’s billowy silk pants
Rahu’s slippers of striding and springing
Indigenous fighters:
masterwork bola x2,
hide armor x 2,
1 hide shield,
ornate leather wristband with embedded torquoise,
20 arrows,
ornate lacquered war club
crystal-tipped spear,
1 vial of tree frog poison (2 weapon doses or 20 arrows, dangerous for inexperienced user)
Rahu’s room:
plenty of blue/purple crystals
an assortment of fine silk pillows
a tapestry (6x14ft) depicting Rahu atop a temple surrounded by supplicants
woven grass mats
gold hookah and incense (collectible ~1000-1500 gp)
Teak treasure chest with hundreds of silver, gold, and platinum coins
Teak wardrobe with assortment of silk vests and pants
strips of fresh meat hanging from ceiling with dark skin still attached
Shattered gold-plated bronze shield

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