Loot from the Straddlefort

Over the course of several days at the Straddlefort, the bridge has become a hive of activity as Basil’s forces set up a makeshift staging and planning area for the western assault on Pallmoor Gates.

You are summoned to Basil’s co-opted chamber, where he waits for you with Magya, an older female wizard with an ornate tattoo around one eye and a shock of silver hair, who seems to wear a perpetual wry smile. Basil has had Magya compile a list of treasure and items that may be useful on your excursion under Pallmoor Gates.

In addition, the broken body of Count Umbridge was recovered from the roof of the covered walkway over the main bridge building, after falling from the roof of his tower as an ogrish form and reverting to his human shape. Magya helps you identify these items:


Items found on Count Umbridge:

Umbridge’s Vest: acts as both an All Tools Vest and a Sipping Jacket. 1x a day it can summon tools required for any skill for which the wearer has ranks, usable by the wearer only. This vest also acts as a sipping jacket, which can absorb 1 potion for 24 hrs and transfer it to the wearer as a swift action.

Smoked goggles: Non-magical goggles which can protect the wearer from bright lights or offer additional protection against gaze attacks.

Umbridges ring: an ornate non-magical platinum ring contains a secret compartment which can hold a tiny amount of liquid (200 GP)

Diamond pendant in the shape of a bridge: 1500 GP.

Umbridge’s vial crossbow: Umbridge carried a unique hand crossbow that allowed him to launch vials (potions, etc…) as a hand crossbow range. Exotic weapon.

Vials: 4 acid vials, 1 flash vial, 1 potion cure light wounds, 1 potion barkskin, 1 potion protection from arrows (as level 7)

Engineer’s workgloves: Instantly assess non-magical machines and know how they work (gives proficiency with exotic crossbows and firearms also)

Treasure / items from Straddlefort:

The following items are things that Basil’s forces have recovered from the Straddlefort and reserved for the party for their payment/further missions. (The fort contains many other things which Basil has reserved for war payments or analysis, including smoke powder charges, but may be negotiable):

“The Down Payment”: the fine mahogany chest that the party delivered as a down payment to Umbridge, with 10 gold bars worth 1000GP each.

Lodging: Basil has set aside a room in Umbridge’s tower as guest accommodations for the party for life.

Stone to Flesh Oil: “We heard about the fiendish Medusa that met you at Est Harbour. Umbridge had a vial of Stone to Flesh oil which may come in handy in the future- if the Baron has other such creatures.

Bouyant Balloon: this bladder contains an ampule which inflates the balloon for 1 use, can lift up to 20 lbs over 150 ft.

Sovereign Glue (2 vials)

Antitoxin:  2 vials:  +5 vs venom if taken before poison for 1 hr, or 1 immediate re-save if taken within 1 round after.

Greater magic weapon oil +1 (1 weapon or 50 projectiles)

Dust of appearance (4 charges)

1 Fuse bomb (2d6 area damage, 3 round fuse)



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