The Truce/The Gate/The Escape: XP


The Truce:  

1100XP for Pat, Porkins and Clinton. 600XP for Radcliffe.

2 trolls: 3000 XP / 4 PCs, 1 animal and 1NPC (Schlecht) :  500 Xp each.

5 highwaymen: 2500 XP / 5 = 500 XP each (except radcliffe)

Bonus XP for getting Lady Ashwind to Tyn alive: 100 xp each.


The Gate:  2000 xp for Pat, Porkins and Clinton

Wererat rogue: 1000 xp

2 rat swarms: 1000 xp.

Sir Schlecht: 1500xp

Demon-mask wizard: 1500 xp

8 warriors (imposter guards):  2400 xp

Bonus XP for solving puzzle and avoiding “death room”: 150 xp each

The Escape (total / 4):  1500 XP for Radcliffe

Hazel, monk:  3200xp

2 warriors: 600 xp

Bonus XP for getting info from Lady Ashwind: 300 xp pp.

Bonus XP for not injuring any guards: 250 xp pp




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