Loot from The Gate

You took anything magical and of value from Sir Schlecht and valuables from the guards.  You weren’t able to get anything from the wererat. I’ve assumed that you’ve procured help from an arcane sage to determine the nature of the magical items and subtracted that from the gold already.

The impostor guards each had a bronze shield, shortsword and splint mail/helmet which are all normal and weren’t worth the effort of carrying. They each carried coins totaling exactly 100 GP on them. Minus the arcane sage costs:

300 GP total imposter guard loot. 

Sir Schlect’s armor was damaged by the heat metal and bonded to his skin, but would’ve taken too long to remove anyway. Other than that he had:

Sir Schlecht loot:

Large steel shield with Vermese scorpion insignia (non magic)

Masterwork silver/cold iron dirk. This long dagger is made of alchemically bonded silver and cold iron. Masterwork design gives it a +1 to hit (not damage). Silver / cold iron allows it to hit a range of creatures.

+1 Bastard Sword: Schlecht wielded a large enchanted bastard sword one handed (requires exotic weapon from for bastard sword). PCs with martial weapon proficiency can wield it with 2 hands.

Stone of Sharpening: this magical whetstone can be used on any slashing/piercing melee weapon to give the weapon an extra +1 on the next attack only. This stacks on any existing pluses for masterwork / magical weapons. Sharpening a weapon takes 1 minute.

Potions of Cure Light Wounds, True Strike, and Misdirection :  which he never got to use.

1 locking spiked gauntlet: can be used to make it impossible to disarm. Spikes add punching damage.Takes 1 full round to lock and unlock.

Gold liquor flask studded with semi-precious stones:  worth about 800 gp.

1 platinum ring with a black semi-precious stone: 150 gp.

20 PP, 30 GP, 50 SP


The pouch containing 4 small vials of dust from the fell druid detect as Dust of Tracelessness. It can be used to create a thick layer of dust in an area and hide your passage or make secret doors or traps harder to spot..




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