Loot from Loya Jurga

What up fellas

Here’s the loot from our last adventure, long overdue…

25 gp per person

red triangle sigil shield

KD: This is a beat-up wooden shield with iron bands, of goblinoid make. An inverted V shape is painted on it with bright red paint of some type.

strange burlap with insignia (?? that’s what I have written down)

KD: just a rotten sack, it seems.

sauagin trident

KD: The sahuagin trident looks like a barbaric implement, made from whale bone and sharpened coral. Not the best workmanship.

mug from zombie hobgoblin

KD: Made of clay. Smells horrible.


KD: Looks like a standard issue sword sharpener.

map in mapcase

KD: This is a fine leather map case with silver buckles. Probably worth 100 gp. The map inside shows the area around the northeast Duchy of Tyn including Zella’s Vineyard.

silver rosary beads

KD: This is a string of fine silver prayer beads. This, along with the rings, came from the undead ghast that attacked when the party boarded the Sloop Jombi. Probably worth about 30-50 gp.

MAGIC!: One of the beads in the strand glows with faint magic. The halfling priestess in the village is able to identify it as a bead that allows a good divine spellcaster to cast Bless 3x day.

Platinum ring with “DB” on it (Dave Bailey FTW RIP).

Gold ring w/ colored stones (red, yellow, green)

MAGIC: This ring glows quite strongly of magic. After some research cotton is able to identify it as a Ring of Return. 3x a day, the wearer is able to designate a spot they are standing on. The ring becomes linked with that spot for the day. At any point in the day, the wearer can teleport themselves to that spot, if they are within 100′ of it.

KD: The fine platinum signit ring with the aforementioned initials and the gold ring with gemstones were both worn by the ghast.

hags iron trident

KD: Loya Jurga’s trident is made of iron and covered with alien-looking inscriptions. When holding it, one can hear the faint sound of the sea- or is it whispers?

MAGIC: Loya Jirga’s trident responds to a detect magic spell.

this doesn’t include the loot kel describes in the epilogue. Read it.

From Loya Jurga’s body

Seaweed wrapped potion bottle.

MAGIC: Cotton identifies this as a potion of Undetectable Alignment.

100 PPs. Strange octopus coins with unknown writing.

Yellow “cat’s eye” gem the size of a golf ball.

MAGIC: This glows of magic but nobody is able to identify what it is.

Reward from Captain Bonnie:

Potion of water breathing.

MAGIC: obviously.

Scroll case with gold filigree initials “NPOI” and a “treasure map”.


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