The Assault on Armsby Abbey

Two days after the liberation of Lakewood, Basil is training converted Vermese conscripts for much-needed assistance to defend the northern wall of Lakewood against an approaching army of goblinoids, retreating from the failed seige of Tyn to the north. Meanwhile, Father Jannus and other clerics from the Abbey are helping to heal wounded and separate the truly nasty of the Vermese recruits from the ranks. Jannus informs Pat that he and his friends will be expected at the Abbey in a few hours to prepare to defend against any goblin splinter groups that mean to sack it.

Meanwhile, Pappy leads Porkins and Clinton through the city, to the home of a wizard named Maximillian, who lives in a tower overlooking the southern wall. There, they meet an old white haired halfling from the Vineyard named Cotton Cornpiper, who has been stuck in Lakewood since the war began months ago. Jendril is also visiting the wizard. Cotton and Maximillian tell of a message received from the watchtower at Alta Toon: a cadre of 50 or so hobgoblins was seen heading towards the vineyard. Cotton, Pappy, Porkins and Clinton prepare to travel to the Vineyard, and Jendril offers to join.

Back at the Abbey, the clerics have torched all of the farm buildings and trees within 100 yards of the perimeter to deny cover to any enemies and light their approach by night. The party is given command of the eastern wall with four denizens of the Abbey. Jannus points out that the Cider House is not burning, despite an acolyte having been sent to torch it. The party investigates to find a group of goblins already hiding out there. A goblin alchemist fires off fireworks as some signal to his allies. The party torches the building as dozens of creatures are seen storming the abbey, and captures the goblin alchemist who taunts the party by saying that one called Brahnim will find the hidden relics of the abbey and defile them.

The party reaches the abbey walls in time to prepare for the assault. The warrior Toko kills the screaming goblin alchemist. The blacksmith, Blackie, mans a light ballista as the battle begins. A veritable horde of enemies, including a gnoll on a chariot pulled by a giant hyena, hobgoblin archers, bugbears, and an ogre attacks. Meanwhile Jannus defends the north wall from an even greater assault. The party manages to defeat them after a difficult battle where the young cleric Hiirad loses his life.

As the battle ends, a runner notes that nothing has been heard from the south wall. The remaining members of the party that can walk investigate, and find the southern gate smashed. The party follows a trail of carnage through the main hall down to the crypts and through a secret door to the Spring of Souls, a chamber containing a glowing pool and reliquaries in four corners, with grotesque skeletons of saints and old priests decked in fine jewels.

The group is attacked by Brahnim, a large Minotaur, who nearly kills Radcliffe and knocks Pat into the pool. Orik manages to keep the minotaur occupied while Pat escapes the pool and Sister Kirstan heals Radcliffe. Orik finally lands a killing blow on the minotaur.


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