Lost Loot

Oh man….I boned it on this one. It turns out that the loot list from the battle with the Magistrate was in my OTHER sketchbook. I guess Porkins forgot to leave more than just the potions….

Everybody gets:

5 GP

5 PP

38 SP

In addition:

Strange crossbow bolts x2

(KD:  Non-magical whistle tips create a loud whine when they said through the air. The whistles go “whooo whooooo”)

staff, possibly magical?

(KJD the staff belonged to the Fell Druid at the tower. Though he used shillelegh on it, it is not magical itself)

Bone deer mask (smelly)

standard heavy crossbow x2

cloth doll

(KD: nonmagical cheap toy doll taken from the guard outside Fort Stonedennus)

necklace of undetectable alignment

(KD: This nondescript necklace of polished grey stones was worn by the Doppleganer posing as Roisin and will make it’s wearer undetectable to alignment detection)

ring of swords

holy symbol of the order of the Pain Priests

4 platinum “sheckle” rings (5PP each)

flaming morning star +1 (code word needed)

yellow topaz

(KD: an almost perfectly round pale yellow gem  about 1.5 inches in diameter, with a round bright yellow imperfection)

magistrates armor

(Plate, non-magical)

magistrates shield (steel, non magical)

cloak of +1 save bonus

(KD: cloak of resistance gives +1 to all saves)

sapphire ring

(kD: small ring with a tiny sapphier)

sheriffs badge

(KD: silver badge with the arms for the island of Inish Bora on it. From the doppleganger)



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