Loot of the Abbey

OK so I mentioned to Kel about how I felt regarding the NPC loot. Given our alignments and what was going on, and the fact that most of us have a decent amount of cash, I feel like we would be generous to the 1st level NPCs. I usually only factor in straight cash. I think we need to have a discussion regarding “valuable” loot (email is sent out)

This is divided by 8. Hiirad (Harold)’s share will go to his family and play for his funeral. I’ve also converted the PP to ease in division.

Everybody gets:

17 GP

25 CP

In addition:

Potion of water breathing

Potion of eagles splendor

Thin, black “metamagic” wand

(Extends range of 3 arcane spells cast through it per day by 100%)

Pouch of 3 garnets (30 gp each)

twig ring with 6 feather tokens (ladder x2, fan, boat, tree x2)

(KJD feather tokens turn into the device then tossed to the ground)

Giant battleaxe used by minotaur

gold encrusted skull in a backpack

(KJD: this is a human skull that looks like it has been crudely dipped in gold)

Bracelet of 2nd chances (5 remaining charges)

(KJD: the bracelet allows the user to deny a critical hit)

composite bow +1

(non-magical composite strength bonus applied to users with strength bonus +1 or greater)

20 flame arrows

5 blood root poison arrows

child skull

4 silver goblets (50 gp each)


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