The Flawed Tactics of Field Marshall Spidertung

Orik, having crafted a sledge for Parquinryde to carry Jendril, and for him to drag Hillibrand, proceeds northeast behind the main enemy lines encircling the honeycomb. He reaches a clearing, shortly beyond is a large, unnaturally even hill. Perhaps crafted by some ancient civilization. Atop the hill, the sounds of war drums can be heard. The pattern is repeated by other drummers of the goblinoid army in the distance. Orik avoids word-rider scouts and waits til sunset.

Meanwhile, in the tunnel leading out of the tunnels beneath the oubliettes…the underdark group fights there way past a yellow musk creeper living among the exit tunnel. The creeper has control over Radcliffe, but the party manages to hack their way past the yellow musk zombies and Pat, immune to the yellow musk spores, destroys the plant and breaks the control over the zombies. The tunnel leads out to a gulley cut into the rock. Pat starts to climb a ridge when a hobgoblin attacks from the top with a crossbow. Pat kills the hobgoblin with his spear, and a second one is mysteriously thrown over the side to the gully below.

Back in the forest, at nightfall, Orik leads Parquinryde through the clearing to the northeast, towards a ridgeline. Worg rider spot the pair and give chase, but peal away just as Orik enters a gully cut through the ridge… meeting up with the underdark party.

At the top of the ridge, a centaur warband meets with the party. The party tells the centaurs of the need to reach the elves at Ket Keep, but the centaurs doubt that help will return in time to save the men of the honeycomb. The leader of the centaur group, Pullo, and his strategist, Tullo, explain how they’ve been watching the goblin army mass over the day. From this vantage point, the centaurs have watched a hobgoblin field marshall, whom Tullo recognizes as a nasty but of work named Spidertung, for the giant tarantula he uses as a mount. Spidertung, from the mott near the forest, appears to command the surrounding goblin forces using a drummer (mounted on the back of an ogre). The field marshall is surrounded with goblinoid archers, worgriders and pikeman.

The party and the centaurs hatch a plan. While a centaur takes Radcliffe to Ket Keep, the remainder of the war party will charge by the mott shooting arrows, in the hopes to draw off the worg riders. The party will then storm the mott and attempt to take out the forces, capturing the drummer and forcing him to play a retreat rhythm. The centaurs agree to the plan only if the party promises that the humans will leave the Honeycomb, having drawn evil to their lands. Hillibrand agrees to this.

The centaurs feint works better than hoped, drawing off all of the worg riders and many of the archers and spearmen. The party attacks and overwhelms the spider before it can land a bite, and soon takes out the field marshall himself. Pat’s weapon, the Silver Spear reveals itself to contain extra power against giants. The ogre proves to be quite deadly however and lands mighty blows on Pat, and then lands a powerful club blow that kills parquinryde before Porkins finishes the ogre off.

The party finishes off the goblins, and hypnotizes the drummer to play a retreat. The confusion is enough to rout the goblin forces till dawn, when the knights charge from the honeycomb and break the goblins into a retreat. At Ket Keep, Radcliffe is able to convince the elves to detach just a small number of mounted archers who reach the honeycomb in time to harass a few stragglers. Simultaneously, mounted knights arrive from the fallen southern town of Steelheart, led by a knight in Red known as Sir Renton.

After the battle, Basil is first congratulatory, then bitter that Hillibrand made a promise to leave, sending him back to the capital of Tyn.

The Red Knight, against Basil’s wishes, offers the party payment for one more mission: the liberation of Lakewood.


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