XP Total: Session 4

The Mill
2 Vermese human warriors 600
Hobgoblin captain 600
Chez’lit (human sorceror) 900

The Clearing
Gnoll tracker 600
Giant Hyena 900
1 Vermese human warrior 300
Consolation XP for learning from but not defeating
Goodwin/Cherra 600

The Clutch
2 lizard scouts 600
2 lizard defenders 600
lizard druid 600
shocker lizard pet 600
crested lizard champion 600

Bonus XP for disabling mill: 100
Bonus XP for keeping Goodwin alive: 200
Bonus XP for rescuing Pappy Shankweed: 100

Total: 7900 / 5 = 1580 each player


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