Last Loot

here’s the goods from yesterdays encounters:

22 GP

110 SP

Light Crossbow (from hobgoblin)
(KJD: fairly standard)

Black cold iron dagger (from hobgoblin)
(KJD: A nasty looking dagger with a black blade and hilt, forged from cold iron)

heavy mace (from hobgoblin)
(KJD: seems normal)

4 gold teeth
(KJD: about 20gp of gold each)

blowgun and 6 darts
(The darts are tied to the blowgun barrel with hemp, have bright red feathers and are coated in a black substance)

gold eye token
(KJD: Looks like a large coin with a lizard eye, hammered roughly from gold. Maybe 30GP gold but possibly some collector value.)

silver crown
(KJD: The lizard druid wore this silver tiara-like crown with a turquoise gem embedded in the middle)

javelin with gold chains
(KJD: It looks like the crested lizard warrior obtained these chains from somewhere and tied them to his javelin, perhaps to distract opponents or show status. There are 8 basic gold chains hopelessly tied in a knot, maybe 200GP worth of gold here)


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