Loot of a Lifetime

sorry so late….I was dragging it out so there was a little something to look forward to for after the Holidays. Here’s the deal:

50 gp

10 pp

spear +1
(KJD: The Silver Spear is a 7′ longspear that is apparently made of a single piece of shiny silver, but incredibly light and strong)

a gold ring
(kjd- from one of the zombies, the face of this ring as an engraving of the symbol of the Knights of Pallmoor Gates)

bottle of 20 year old whiskey
(kjd- Cormac, the bartender of the Harp and Mermaid, claims this is from a rare batch of Boradew whiskey that is worth at least 50 GP).

scroll case w/ fancy letters (detect evil scroll)

Map of cemetary
(kjd- shows the family plots of the Highchurch cemetary on Inish Bora)

gold key with 10 lb lock
(kjd- fist-sized solid gold key and large steel lock)

magic dagger +1 with gold hilt
(The dead halfing carried this fancy enchanted dagger)

scroll case (neutralize poison)

gold studded scabbard

topaz “bad company” ring
(kjd- the dead halfling wore this ring bearing the arms of the infamous “Bad Company” adventuring party based near Zella’s Vineyard. The inside of the ring has the additional inscription “Until the day I die.”)

a mug full of flame gel


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