XP Total: Chapter 3

2 windmill zombies: 300
2 zombies at the Harp and Mermaid: 300
Father Toole ghoul: 300
6 graveyard skeletons: 600
Graveyard ghoul: 300
“Ben Doolin” doppleganger: 900
4 crypt zombies: 600
Bonus xp for retrieving 10 casks: 500
Bonus XP for retrieving the Silver Spear: 100
XP for bypassing road guards en route to Est Harbor: 150
Bonus XP for giving maps to Tyn army: 200

Individual XP (total / 5): 850


Posted on November 29, 2011, in XP. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

    • There were other monsters to hunt down and a chance to save Deacon Brodie, so some XP was lost, but in general I think it was a good run and a pragmatic way to complete the adventure. Nice work!

  1. Im going to take that silver spear. where”s that loot list.

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