The Loot Part 2: An Adventure in Accounting

So…here it is. It was a great session the other night, and despite having to leave alot of bodies un-desecrated, we had a pretty good haul. Check it:

Everybody gets 13 GP and 32 SP

There were also 6 PP, not sure how we divvy that up…

For the purpose of good record keeping, it should be noted that we still have 3 fancy marbles from the last haul that haven’t been sold yet…

From the armory, we have a bunch of maps in scrollscases
(KJD: Upon inspection, the maps appear to show the area of Southern Tyn, with green squared and green arrows dotted across the landscapes).

The chest that almost killed Mike
(KJD: After smashing the lock which unloaded it’s dart, the chest opens. It contains Bez’rin’s spellbook, clothes, and other belongings. It also contains something which is not his, a short cylindrical iron rod that is topped with a small emerald.)

Hooker perfume
(The perfume may or may not be cheap, but the crystal container looks legit with gold filigree)

Gold toe ring

folded paper
(A love note to a Vermese guard)

The captain’s chain shirt
(High quality enough but ordinary looking)

The captain’s sword
(As above)

2 apples

Fine clothes (from the footlocker)

Fine riding boots with silver spurs (from the footlocker)

A bunch of tindertwigs (5)

A dented silver mug

A set of manacles w/ key

leather armor (from the chick, I think)
(high quality, women’s size)

light crossbow bolts with silver tips

silver signet ring
(This has a crest showing a scorpion- the arms of Verma. It has a scripted R.R. overlaid on it.)

leather scroll case
(Very fancy. The woman’s. It contains a map of the area around the Bloomery)

disquise kit
(High quality)

steel flask with liquid in it
(smells like bile)

a rapier
(Nice but average quality)

stone flask

studded leather belt
(A hobgoblin wore the belt but it is clearly of very high quality and is studded with silver)

plus, we got that spyglass and gave it to our leader, Chuck


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