Adventure One: Final Tally

I was thinking maybe we could post up the final tally of our adventures here on the blog, and people could kind of post replies stating what they want from the loot. Here’s the haul:

For each member:

28 GP

34 SP

19 CP

This is in addition to the 50 GP “seed money” we received in the beginning of the adventure and the white robes we got from Basil. In addition to that we acquired:

copper bracelet
(KJD: This is made of wound copper wire and is tarnished. Looks like something you’d see in a book about old vikings)

silver hand mirror
(Has an inscription on back: To Sally, love John)

silver ring
(Something you’d see as a male middle class worker’s wedding band)

3 knives
(these are simple kitchen knives used for dinner)

small feathered headdress
(looks cool, smells bad)

tea kettle
(average quality)

quiver of 10 fine light crossbow bolts (with a cursive “K” written on them)
(the bolts are practically humming to be shot)

5 darts
(plain enough)

3 fancy marbles
(polished agates, probably worth 10-20 gp each)

voodoo doll

velvet bag of teeth

dagger (masterwork quality)
(This masterwork dagger is curved like a snake, made of cold iron, with a blood groove. It has goblin writing on the handle that says ‘Fairy Skinner’)

brass candleabra
(heavy, but quality. probably worth a good 20-30 gp)

small diary (with the lock broken)

ceramic scimitar


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  1. Clinton will take the darts, teeth (for a necklace) & headdress

  2. I’d suggest we get a price on the remainder of the loot once we pick it apart.

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