House rules

We’ll be playing 3.5 rules.

critical miss: natural 1, dropped weapon

Rolling for initiative:

In an attempt to streamline battle, not every player and monster will have separate initiative. I propose that the best eligible PC and enemy (or one from each group if multiple enemies) roll for initiative. Turns will then proceed split between PCs and enemies. For example, if PC “Porkins” has the best initiative modifier and rolls a modified 18, and a group of monsters rolls a modified 16, Porkins goes first. Then a monster, then PC2, then monster 2 (if the numbers are equal). If the numbers are unequal, the turns are split as evenly as possible. For example if there are 4 PCs and 8 monsters, Porkins goes first, then 2 monsters, then next PC. PCs can nominate a PC to go first other than the PC with the best initiative modifier, but the order proceeds per standard PC order.


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